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Name: Dorothea Arnault
Age: 19
Canon: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Powers/Equipment: A fledgleling mage, Dorothea is skilled at offensive Thunder magic, though she also has skill with a sword and carries an Iron Sword with her. Knows a song that allows her to heal minor injuries, and also wears a Goddess Ring which can slowly heal minor injuries of her own.
Short Bio:
Other: Taken from the Academy Phase before the battle with the Flame Emperor, from a Black Eagles class where Byleth wasn't their teacher.​
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Name: Shadow

Age: 27

Canon: OC, Original Character

Powers/Equipment: Shadow can shapeshift into anyone and anything but still prefers the form of "Effy". No equipment.

Short Bio: Shadow is mysterious about her past. (IE I have not created her backstory yet). But she is techianically my "Avatar" self-insert.

Other: First time doing a character based entirely on my current avatar. And I'm nervous. Let me know if I'm good to go!
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