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Would anyone like to try making a magic genealogy?


I have done this for one character and while it was challenging to do, it was also fun. So I am wondering if anyone wants to learn how to make a charactor from a genealogical point of view? I need to have more experimentation done before I can consider it a permanent way to make a character. Whether or not it will be a success, if someone doesn't try to do something it will never happen!


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It would definitely be an interesting conversation! What kinds of genealogical research methods and methods of presentation did you use with the character you had done a genealogical backstory for? That'll help get the conversation going.


First you need all of the abilities, magical or not, listed. I have a set up for this. You place all of these items in a general category such as hobbies or fire magic. Be sure to rank each one according how the character would learn the abilities. IE: You wouldn't be doing a flame throw before you can make a spark. I have done this for years and why many people don't like to RP with me. They want to skip the classes and go right into the heavy artillery as one said to me once.

Now that you have a background set up for making the character, decide on a name. Does it relate to the character's abilities, now is the time to do find that name.
You have a male and female side of the MBC like you do for RNA and DNA> MBC is Magickal Being Compnoents. There are various ways not to be a Magickal Being. Some you can control and some you can't.k
Give a name to the mother and father or grandparents or great grand parents, ect. depending where you wish to start. List their abilities then select the abilities that you want to pass on. Same for each generation until you have come to your character's abilities.

This is the condense version of creating a character using this method.
Thank you for your interest in Thaumaturgy-thaw-muh-tur-jee: the working of wonders or miracles; magick,