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Writing Prompts


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No Man's Land GM
Here are a few writing prompts to choose from. Tag me if interested in RPing any of these scenarios where I can use an existing character or create NPCs for the thread. If you have your own ideas feel free to share!

  • You (metahuman) fall in love with a human. A classic story of forbidden love where even a simple kiss or touch will result in one player losing their humanity.
  • You (a hunter) are in a contest to quell as many metazombies as possible! Whoever kills the most number wins the prize of extra supplies and rations for the month. But things take a turn for the worse when a metahuman fights back.
  • You are a hunter who has slain a metahuman. The encounter leaves you infected and you slowly turn into a metahuman yourself, the thing you detest most. Now, you are hunted by your own friends.
  • You are a metahuman trying to survive in a quarantine zone without being caught and killed or starving to death.
  • A class S metazombie has broken through a densely populated quarantine zone and is on a rampage, with a horde of Z’s following closely behind. Slay the boss level creature as fast as possible before the infection spreads and the zone is lost.