Writing Styles

Lucinda Fae

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I would love to know your preferences in writing styles and why you prefer them!

Personally, I lean more towards third person, past tense, as I feel it gives me a larger range of emotions and actions to explore. My posts can be very lengthy, if I'm given enough to work with and have the proper inspiration for the story. I will always try to have at least three to five paragraphs, or will let my partner know if I am having writer's block.

On an off note, I do love brainstorming with my partners, before and during roleplay. It tends to help keep my muse satiated.

So, please, let me know what you like! I rather enjoy learning new things about everybody!


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Third person past tense for me too. It's just in my opinion the most versatile when it comes to having a balance between a narrative "overview" of sorts in terms of setting while still doing a passable job of getting the immediacy of conflict through. First person would theoretically be better at the latter but I just haven't been able to really feel it.

In roleplays in particular, I like (or rather can't seem to avoid) using a mix of limited third person to really get my character's brain into the page and only have them be aware of their POV, while still using the omniscient for scene setting and keeping the other players informed. I honestly don't know how I'd be able to manage through a roleplay in any form of first person narrative but I keep telling myself I'll write a short story or two using it to see how it feels.