the Hugger Troll
Hallo there!

I be Zae'ju, your friendly neighbourhood Troll.
No, not that kind of troll. The best kind of troll.

I get a little lonely and would love a lil' buddy to throw a few words around with.

So what does this troll like to do, you ask? Funny that you should ask.

Have a perusal and let me know if you be interested either via a reply to this thread or as a PM. I do prefer RP thread to be as an actual thread than through PM as a rule but I won't exclude it if it's what you prefer.

UPDATE: Any with a ! is one I'm looking to do/interested more in doing - that doesn't mean other titles aren't open, you can still request them

  • Ancient Rome
  • Western !
  • Space
  • Man x Woman
  • Modern
  • Plane Crash / Ship Wreck - End up on Island !
  • Teacher x Student
  • Ladyhawke
  • Jurassic Park
  • World of Warcraft
  • X-Men
  • Primevil
  • The Witcher (OC)
Animal Kingdom
  • Wild Horse / Wolf / Cat / etc
  • Streetcat
  • Prehistoria (Dinosauria/Mammalia/Or Both)
  • Zoo / Wildlife Park
Gifted / Supernatural
  • Gifted (Modern/Futuristic)
  • Gifted on the Run
  • Gifted High School
  • Superheroes and Villains
  • Olympus
Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Fantasy (Medieval/Modern/Futuristic/Sci-Fi)
  • Vampire
  • Werewolves
  • Werewolves Versus Vampires
  • Crossovers (Where a character from one setting, e.g. a Centurion of a Roman Legion, crosses through time and space, finding themselves in someplace else, e.g. the Wild West) !
  • Space
I currently do not have any plots right now. I am hopeless at thinking them up on the spot and they tend to come at me at weird moments. I tend to respond spontaneously in regards to plotlines.

However, if you have a plot that you feel could work for one of the above genres or a new genre you'd like to suggest, let me know and we'll see what we can work out.

I Am/Do...

I have no limits towards violence or bad language.
Pairings: M&M / F&M
I tend to prefer Male but can do both.
Open minded to new ideas, genres and fandoms

I Don't...

Anime, Roadtrips, Bands - Just not interested in RPing this out.
FxF Pairings - Just not comfortable with this pairing, got nothing against in the real world.
Also 'No hope, No chance of survival' scenarios. They don't keep me in a good frame of mind. If you have a story in mind that has a 'chance' of survival, I am fine with that. As long as there is a chance to make it out. Otherwise, not for me, thank you.

I Prefer...

Semi-Literate +.
I need you to be able to produce at least a paragrah in response. Whilst one liners can be used to great effect, they ought to be few and far between in nature as a rule of thumb. If the RP consists of entirely single line entries... I becomes difficult for me to bounce back with a reply and the RP will grow stale as a result. I don't ask for much, 400 words minimum as a fair rule of thumb.
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Resident Fruit Tree
Drops in and looks around.

Hiyas! This looks very interesting.
If you're still looking for partners feel free to shoot me a pm ^^ I think we might mesh well together


Well I am a viable if you are still here. I have my own ideas to pitch and I like what I see.

I can do Semi and fully lit for you as well.


Well I’ve been looking for some odd pairings! I see you like Jurassic park, and I have a mad scientist I love to use.

Could I talk you into being a devious cunning Lizard? You’d probably have a strong bond with your handler the rest can all come naturally


the Hugger Troll
*stares at profile picture and pulls the mask over my face*

I'm sure I could be persuaded :3 I love Dinosaurs, who wouldn't wanna be one? :D

Mad scientist, huh? What could go wrong xD!


*stares at profile picture and pulls the mask over my face*

I'm sure I could be persuaded :3 I love Dinosaurs, who wouldn't wanna be one? :D

Mad scientist, huh? What could go wrong xD!
Exactly XD not like youll breach containment and drag him off or like some of his peers won’t interfere


the Hugger Troll
Exactly XD not like youll breach containment and drag him off or like some of his peers won’t interfere
Ya gonna regret jabbing me with that needle again! hrar!

So, this gonna be on Isla Sorna, Isla Nublar, post-Dino escape as some bid to track them all down?


Hmm. It would probably be in the lab pre break out. You’d be akin to the indominus, a man made exciting monster. So probably the main island?

My character is very much unstable. So you’ll get to see that. But he deeply loves his creations he just had a very strong grudge against anything and everyone else.

Or maybe. Your his re- nah that idea is to weird


the Hugger Troll
Isla Sorna (or Site A) would be the main one used for the attraction with a small hatchery for show purposes (Such as you see in JP1). Isla Nublar (or Site B) is the testing and hatchery grounds where they made most of the dinos before transporting to Isla Sorna. :3

If I remember rightly, for lore purposes, they didn't go back to Site B for the recent films since it was overrun... Or at least they didn't mention much about what they did with Site B in the follow ons from JP1, JP2 and JP3. It's entirely possible those overrun dinos would evolve a little to better suit their environments... like colour, for example. So there's that to play with too...

*rubs mitts together* Lovely

Instability meets cunning genius, oh ho oh!

Maybe? Too weird... is there such a thing?


I don’t see how it would be XD. Lots of ethical and moral questions to be raised in the dinosuars mind as Felix cuddles you and then one day snaps and commands you eat someone XD


There are so many things we could do with Felix alone.

You could play a dragon, and I could give you a poor Village boy to protect and snuggle.

Ooh you ever hear about Fossil fighters?


the Hugger Troll
Ho boy. Dwagons <3

But Dinosaurs are uber cool even without the whole swoopy swoop breathe fire thing.

Fossil fighterS? Can't say I have, no