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The moment you realize your favorite cartoon is based off an amazing movie that you also are in love with XD
Traditionally, bagpipes were made from the skin of a whole animal, turned inside out, with the pipes attached where the legs and neck would be.
The video game "E.T.", considered to be the worst video game ever made, was made by ONE man in SIX weeks, who never left his office in those six weeks. He even slept under his desk! No joke. Kind of raises the respect bar a bit, doesn't it?
NC going on shutdown in a day or two. Sadly, i still have to work. But my BF us iff work for two weeks.... Lets hope i dont harm him since it will be a long two weeks with him home
A group of bears is called a sloth (or a sleuth), and sloths don't hang in groups. Sleuths don't really hang in groups, either.
Fact: Today is Thursday! No, I mean, Saturday! No, it's Friday. Or is it Wednesday? Er... I'll get back to you on this.
I went out to the grocery store and I swear some people don't know what the word distance means. B'ys, keep your damn distance or I'm going to carry around a stick and beat you if you get near!!!
Today's fact: For most of history, there was limited access to even local news, let alone international, and people survived. Even thrived.
I just watched the Lieutenant-Governor of Texas talk about how the USA needs to re-open the economy and let people die and that they shouldn't "Sacrifice the Nation" for them.

Wash your hands, don't go slobbering over a bunch of people, and don't listen to idiots.
A group of unicorns is called a blessing or a marvel. Dragons are often referred to as a Thunder. Crows are a murder. Cats are a clowder or glaring. Kittens are a kindle. Wild cats are a destruction. Flamingos are a stand. Apes are a shrewdness.
Cats and dogs can see color. To a human, it would appear almost like sepia tones, or watching an old movie when the colors are muted.
Ever wonder how they got Godzilla's roar in the original Godzilla? The sound department took a course, resin-coated glove and ran it up and down the strings of a double bass and then reverberated the sound. Unique!
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" was written by Kurt Cobain after hearing a friend say, "Ugh, it smells like teen spirit in here!" He thought she was being poetic about teen angst and wrote an entire rock song around it. Actually, she was talking about the body spray called "Teen Spirit." He wrote a song about deodorant!
So kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you’ll wait for me, hold me like you’ll never let me go.