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I was hoping to join The Convergence Series, but my signup for one of the sidestories doesn't seem to have been acknowledged. I guess they already know my history, huh?
Just browsed through some of the things I got up to in Convergence. The memories... The good times... The plots and characters. Good times, indeed. I hope to relive them and make more. I well and truly missed this place.
Why do smoke detector alarm batteries always choose the middle of the night to die, causing the alarm to beep incessantly until you can figure out how to reach it and wrench said batteries out of the squalling device?
Anyone ever have that moment where you want to rejoin a group you used to be a part of, but have that feeling in your gut that they might not take you back? Not sure if the Convergence Series would want me back, considering.
There’s no need to apologize for holding your own space. You can ask for more.
aight so Giga's school blocked STC so she wont be online so sorry to the people that rp/talk with her
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I hate my luck.. The legendary pokemon spawn rates in the game I'm playing is like 2.5% I've been looking for one for four hours with no avail, then walking to the next route, I find a legendary...