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Or daughter takes after her daddy on trolling. She decided to not let him feel her kick for a few days. I would be like feel! He's touch my belly & she'd stop moving lol! I finally was able to get her to let him feel her. He called her a Lil brat lol with a loving smile on his face. He even agreed she is always taking after him.
I love Thanksgiving! I could eat turkey all year! Stop trying to force me into a Christmas mood and let me enjoy my turkey day! Especially you, radio stations with your Christmas music, you know you're going to stop playing the music halfway through Christmas day anyway! Instead of trying to force us all to go earlier and earlier, how about keeping the music and festivities up until the new year?
So, for those of you who don't know, I've a Lil one growing in my belly! It's Lobos & my lil one! She is already a Lil handful. But we are excited to get to meet her in March. Her daddy gets to meet her via ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm really excited & also very curious how Lobos is gonna react upon seeing our lil girl kicking about in the womb.
Hello! I’m Moro, and here’s what you need to know about me.
  • Third-person RPer, but can manage first-person
  • Minor, so if you’re uncomfortable with that feel free to DNI
  • Ok with darker plots and tones, just give me a heads up first of what’s going to go down
  • Not really interested in any series RPs or canon stuff, maybe I’ll make exceptions for media I like though
Is anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? I haven't seen as much hype as usual around it this year.
National Novel Writing Month. It has its own website and everything. The main goal is to try to plan and write a 50,000-word novel in the month of November. Some people also use it to try to put 50k toward their current WIP. If you achieve 50k, you basically receive bragging rights, and the website has some "winner goodies" that are basically just coupons and stuff. Challenging and fun.
Raynar Saassin
Raynar Saassin
Huh. Might actually try that. Sounds like a good way to kill time and be productive.
I've done it every year for I think 5 years now. I don't always succeed in getting 5k, but I always am more productive than if I don't try. If you're interested, just look up Nanowrimo dot org. Good luck!