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Being a new parent is tough, especially when ppl wanna sit here & be so judgmental towards you & act like your invalid.
Happy Pi Day, and Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein! Pi was discovered 317 years ago, he was born 144 years ago.
Officially on my last WK of pregnancy v& was verified that I'm starting the dilation process naturally! I'm at 1cm as of 3p est! Almost time for Lobos & I to welcome or daughter into the world!
Or daughter takes after her daddy on trolling. She decided to not let him feel her kick for a few days. I would be like feel! He's touch my belly & she'd stop moving lol! I finally was able to get her to let him feel her. He called her a Lil brat lol with a loving smile on his face. He even agreed she is always taking after him.
I love Thanksgiving! I could eat turkey all year! Stop trying to force me into a Christmas mood and let me enjoy my turkey day! Especially you, radio stations with your Christmas music, you know you're going to stop playing the music halfway through Christmas day anyway! Instead of trying to force us all to go earlier and earlier, how about keeping the music and festivities up until the new year?