Making a Multi-Thread Roleplay: Rules & Guidelines

Multi-Thread Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

What is a multi-thread roleplay? Unlike our more expansive open-world Epic Roleplays, multi-thread roleplays tend to follow a singular storyline but due to player/character count, length of the roleplay, or scope of the world, these roleplays do better with multiple IC threads to maintain organization. Also unlike our Epic Roleplays, we have no real large requirements to be met before requesting space for a multi-thread roleplay. Approved multi-thread roleplays will get a personal sub-forum to contain all of the threads associated with their roleplay.

How do I setup a multi-thread roleplay? Simply have at least 3 or more people interested in joining your roleplay (yourself and a minimum of two others) and PM Tiko, Dashmiel, and Yun Lee the name of your roleplay, a brief 1-2 sentence description of your roleplay that will display in the forums, and a brief explanation of why you think a multi-thread would benefit your roleplay.

If you already have an ongoing single-thread roleplay that you feel has outgrown itself, it can easily be converted into a multi-thread roleplay. Just include in your PM a url to the existing IC thread for us to move into the new sub-forum.

Are there any rules for multi-thread roleplays? Multi-thread roleplays must maintain a minimum level of activity. If there has been no activity within a multi-thread roleplay for a span of three months, it will be moved to the archives to clear up the forums. An archived multi-thread roleplay can be reinstated at any time at the request of its owner.

This is an example submission of a multi-thread roleplay:

Name: Elysian Vanguard: The Rising Storm
Players: Tiko, Dashmiel, Script
Description: The Elysian Vanguard, sworn to uphold the Light and thwart the spread of the Void wherever it might appear. Caught up in a war as old as time itself, will these stalwart champions weather the coming storm once more?

Elysian Vanguard: The Rising Storm would be a good multi-thread roleplay because it has a very expansive world and will be following multiple characters and plot-arcs simultaneously around the world.