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Pending Site Upgrade Notice!

As some may have already noticed, we reached our $300 goal to get the website upgraded to Xenforo 2, which will add a lot of new functionality and features. We're also going to get the server upgraded while we're at it. We will be keeping people posted with this thread as information becomes available, and once we have a definitive date to roll the upgrade out.

We're currently going through all of our existing add-ons to determine which ones can be upgraded to xenforo 2 versions, and which ones will no longer be supported so we can get them replaced with other add-ons that perform the same function.

Some changes that will be coming to existing features:
  • We will be retiring our current live chat in favor of implementing an integrated discord add-on.
  • We will be retiring our dark theme (it's no longer supported by xenforo 2). We WILL replace it with a new one as soon as possible, but this won't be one of our primary or urgent priorities in the initial upgrade.
  • Our current add-on that allows the addition of 'tabs' to threads will no longer be supported by xenforo 2. We have found one that will serve the same function, but due to being a different add-on there's no way for us to transfer the content from the old tabs add-on to the new one. Anyone who is actively using tabs to store information in roleplays is advised to copy the content from their tabs into a local document so that they can put the content back in with the new tab system after the upgrade.