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Roleplay Forum - Storyteller's Circle's Roleplaying Forums

Welcome to Storyteller's Circle's Roleplay Forums!

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Welcome to Storyteller's Circle's Roleplay Forums!
A multi-genre roleplay forum designed to support a wide array of stories and player interests.

It is our vision to see Storyteller's Circle become one of the best roleplay forums around with a thriving community of writers and roleplayers, and to be a place where writers of all skill levels can feel safe and welcome. We offer a supportive staff, numerous features to help support roleplays of all types, a live discord, and above all a healthy dose of enthusiasm and inspiration derived from a group of people dedicated to seeing Storyteller's Circle prosper.

If you're a roleplayer looking for a fresh start on a new site and who values a healthy community and supportive environment, then I welcome you to come join us at Storyteller's Circle.

Among our offered features, we provide personal forum space for large roleplays or tabletop roleplays that include multiple sub-forums for sorting threads, tabbed threads for organizing information, an integrated bbcode dice system, google document embedding, moderator privileges over the roleplay's forums, optional co-GMs, and a custom feature on our front page.

We also support all creative outlets and have made available our Creative Forums for sharing artwork, photography, short stories, poetry and more.

Before you get started though, make sure you familiarize yourself with our Site Rules and swing by our Introductions & Departures forum to introduce yourself.

If you need any help getting started, please reach out to us through our Help Desk!

Open Heavenbreaker: The Future of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls, but with Tech)

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High-Ranking Heavenbreaker Cultist
Hey all, Mythy here. Had an idea to use the setting, races, and concepts (magic, divines, and daedric princes among others) in a Tamriel that had advanced in tech, if not style. Energy bows, laser-edged blades and the like, as well as tech-magic foci. The racial concepts and tensions still exist, and conflict occurs, but it isn't until recently that tempers have begun to flare across the land.

Enter the Techno-Wizardry Cult that is "Heavenbreaker". A secretive cult that has been growing in reputation over the years, it is said that their leadership and devotees gain bodies more machine than human.

The game will be set in Cyrodiil mainly, and the Player Characters will wake up imprisoned by a sect of Heavenbreaker due to the spark of a divine within each of them (I am counting Talos as a divine, so I can have a maximum of 9 player characters). After their escape, the PCs will need to come to terms with their burgeoning powers, as well as try and unite Tamriel before it is too late.

Open We're all Mad Here (epic roleplay)

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we're all man here banner
Imagine a world... with no rules.

Go ahead - imagine it.

It sounds pretty good, right? A world where you can make whatever kind of character you want, with no limits? To create whatever you want? Sounds pretty good, right?

I'm not joking. This isn't that false advertising some people put onto their sites "Be whoever you want, DO whatever you want", this is a world with as few rules as possible. I'm not kidding. So far we have, like, one, I think.

So, come on down with your craziest ideas, your most far-fetched of worlds. This world is your oyster. You can befriend it, ride in it, see the world, live in it, or suck the last ever-loving marrow from its bones. The choice is yours. Just be careful. Even you aren't exempt from the consequences of your own actions.

After all, we're all mad here.

Won't you join us?

Open Multi-Genre Sandbox/Multiverse Roleplay: Nexus

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multiverse banner

Nexus is open and looking for players!

Nexus is an open-world, multiversal, sandbox RP set in a fractured universe. Essentially, the universe was shattered and fragmented. Nexus the city serves as a stabilizing force to slowly rebuild and reconnect the broken fragments of the worlds and realms. Within Nexus city is a place called Wayfarer's Point that sits as a hub between all of the connected fragments for players to traverse from world to world. This allows for players to have larger continuous roleplay if they want.

Alternatively there's also multitudes of smaller or unconnected fragments that allow people to split off to do smaller or private stuff.

Any and all genres are welcome! You can mix and match genres, or have worlds that predominately lean towards specific genres as well.

Open Wolf Roleplay: Spectral

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spectral banner
Welcome to the world of Spectral:

This role-play takes place in an alternate reality where the mega-fauna never went extinct. Most animals exist from our world the only creatures that do not exist are all primate related. This world is solely inhabited by standard creatures with unique hues as such the role-play is semi realistic in nature.

The animals that occupy the land we will be experiencing are wolves, saber-toothed tigers, along with multiple other creatures. We interact with each other and can talk; each species of animal has their own unique language, but each language can be learned by another species if it is studied.

We are open to all whom wish to experience life's lessons though the eyes of an animal.

Interest Check Space Fantasy Faction Roleplay: Powerbolt

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high fantasy roleplay banner
Powerbolt: A Space Fantasy Faction-Building RP

In a magical world, in its far future, Humans make war, Elves dabble and plot in mortal affairs, and kings make way for an almighty Bank to rule the way. Powerbolt is a high-fantasy roleplay in space awaiting you to be it's mighty hero, diabolical cult leader, ravaging warleader, or shrewd merchant, or anything else you can think of!

Powerbolt is a pseudo-nation building RP (I call it 'faction building') where you can play as the leader of anything from a whole nation to a single ship's crew in a Galaxy that waits as a canvas for your imagination. I want to build the world alongside you guys, so imaginative ideas new and old are always welcome here!

If you're interested in my free form nation build with an emphasis on world building, check it out here: Powerbolt: A Space Fantasy Faction Build.

Open Supernatural Modern Horror Roleplay: Lockdown at Cordova

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high fantasy roleplay banner
Lockdown at Cordova

Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least expected. Best friends Meridian and Mataiya were set to meet after one of their classes in order to walk to drama, but when Meridian didn't show, her bestie went searching for her in the restroom. The door opened with a squeaking noise and Mataiya walked in only to stop in horror. In the floor beside the first set of stalls was Meridian. Her body had been ripped to shreds, most of her guts and organs were lying on the ground beside a pool of blood. There was blood all over the walls along with huge scratch marks. Screaming, Mataiya ran to the office to tell them of her horrific discovery. That very minute, a loud screeching noise blasted across the PA system. Just as abruptly as it started, the noise stopped but the silence didn’t last long. Those that ran outside found it impossible to get beyond the school grounds and it was as if no one could even see or hear them on the outside. The students, teachers, administrators, and security officers were trapped inside the one place they felt was safe. The two main questions that formed in everyone single person’s mind was in regards to what was doing the killings and how they were going to escape.

Okay, the point of this RPG is simple. It takes place in our world [on Earth] in the normal time period. You’re either going to be a student, teacher, or other faculty type person, such as a security officer, or even a cook. The phone lines are down and there’s no contact with the outside world, not even e-mail, or cell phones. No one in the outside world can hear or see them, it's as if the school and the accompanying grounds were stuck in some warp zone.

RP information and signups can be found here: Lockdown at Cordova: Can You Escape Before Being Decimated

Full High Fantasy Roleplay: Aelora - Realm of the Lost

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high fantasy roleplay banner
Aelora: Realm of the Lost

[Looking for 2-3 Players]

Aelora is a land forgotten. Legend tells of a blight known only as the Void that spread through Aelora two millennia ago. As nation after nation fell the last of the Aeloran races joined together to seal the continent of Aelora away in a final effort to contain the blight from spreading to the rest of the world. A veil was erected and Aelora was lost to time and memory.

For two millennia the veil held and none could enter nor leave Aelora, and for two millennia the war with the Void raged on. Nations were shattered, and entire races driven into extinction. What survivors remained retreated into mountain strongholds until the tides were turned with the return of the Elysian Vanguard - a fabled order of heroes and legends.

With the blight driven back the races of Aelora have stepped forward to reclaim their ancestral homes. It will be an enduring struggle though as much of the land remains tainted by Void corruption and unforgiving wilderness.

Science Fiction Navy Building: From Empty Space to an Empire

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A mighty and grand fleet looming in space silently may be a mental image that inspires grandeur and awe, but the process of creating one is something that can seem titanic and terrifying. It is an undertaking that is sizable and time consuming, but like most things in life, it can be done if you set your mind to it and create a plan. Science fiction is something that is both interesting to many, and fun to write once you begin to delve into its depths and understand it, be it in nature realistic (known as hard sci-fi) or taking advantage of more fantastical elements (or soft sci-fi). The intention of this article is to go over steps that outline the steps to take to take the seed of your ideas for outer space and allow you assemble your armada piece by piece.

To this end, this article will be broken into two primary sections: the Navy Building Process and Ship Design. So without further ado, we shall move onto the first topic on our outline: The Navy Building Process...

Metagaming in Roleplay: What It Is And How To Avoid It

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Metagaming in Roleplay: What It Is And How To Avoid It

Metagaming in its simplest definition is the use of knowledge your character doesn’t have. It can come in many forms, though. Often, it is simply a lack of experience that leads to metagaming, but other times metagaming is utilized deliberately to gain unfair advantages over other players. This guide is geared towards helping the former to understand what metagaming is and how to avoid it. It is also to help recognize the latter type of player so as to avoid them...

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