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Storyteller's Circle

Roleplaying Forums - The Place Where Stories Come To Life

Bound together by a common cause, the Elysian Vanguard grew to its prime at the peak of the Orsa of Terminus' rise to power. With its sworn foe defeated these legendary warriors have scattered across Valore to resume their lives, but old ties are not easily severed. With a kinship forged through blood and sacrifice, perhaps these champions of old only await a time when Valore might have need of their strength once more, a time where one might call them back.

The Elysian Vanguard is an order of guardians sworn to uphold the Light and to combat the Void and its taint wherever it might exist. Warriors, scholars, ambassadors, teachers, heroes and even reformed criminals, the ranks of the Elysian Vanguard come from all walks of life before swearing off home and country in favor of a deeper purpose. The Elysian Vanguard exists outside of the authority of any singular governmental body and maintains a stance of neutrality on matters of political strife.

Its primary place of operation is located within the Icy Peaks of Terra. The temple situated atop the snowy mountains was built to honor the fallen heroes who lay down their lives for Valore and it serves both as a place of remembrance and as a symbol of hope where new initiates are trained to one day join the ranks of these venerable champions.

Though once a prominent and revered order, the Elysian Vanguard has only just begun to regain its former presence within Valore. With a life-long service that spans generations of blood and sacrifice, this order still commands a great deal of respect, but its global influence has waned with the years. Will this ancient and archaic order rise to the challenge of claiming a place for itself in a changing world, or will it succumb to the ravages of time and fading memories.
Chains of Retribution primarily takes place within the small, impoverished country of Lutetia.

With most of the wealth within Lutetia concentrated into the hands of the small upper class, the rest of the populace is left to live in squalor. Disease and illness run rampant in the poorer regions of Lutetia, and crime rates are record high.

Lutetia is ripe with supernatural elements as well. Urban werewolf packs own the streets, and vampires have staked a claim to the night. Necromancy, witchcraft, and wizardry are a thing of the norm among the populace, and an underground struggle wages between the church and the supernaturals.


The focus of this roleplay will be on the urban packs of the above summary. It will explore their dynamic within the city of Lutetia and the perpetual circle of violence as pack feuds and crime leave a trail of blood and tragedy in their wake. If the roleplay picks up enough steam, we may introduce spin-off roleplays exploring other elements of the city, but for now we'll be focusing on the werewolf packs.

This will be a dark and gritty roleplay, with little filter in regards to the violent nature of urban pack life. We are primarily looking for people interested in really bringing that aspect of the roleplay to life.
We live on the fringe of Dandorra, out beyond where the sane man dwells in mediocrity. We live in untamed lands, bordered east by Ezmaria, where Ezmar Khan rules with an iron fist. South of us are the mighty Swordlands: impossible, vertical mountains, a wonder of our world. North is the 'Westerly Sea', and to our west... No one knows. Wilderness as far as the living have traveled.

Chances are you come from Sunu-Ra, the only port city nearby for miles. Host to a number of adventurers, outskirt guilds and strange religions, the city is the best hope for taming these lands. Not that the land wants to be tamed, mind you: out there are monster tribes and fey as numerous as any nation of man or other cohort in the heartlands.

Maybe your here as the forerunner of salvation; maybe you know the way. And maybe the blasted fools of more 'civilized' parts called you a Heretic for it. Or maybe you ARE the salvation, maybe you just need a bit more power to show the folks back home that submission is a virtue. Maybe your salvation in the Uknown itself; And getting lost in the untamed wilderness and, therefor, truly living, is what the gods made you for. Heck, you might even be here to stop our 'salvation', as one of our monsters or a wild spirit in the woods.

Well, whatever it is, one things certain: Your accomplishing nothing while standing around!

Saving the Fringe is a mixed-playstyle RP; in it we will be playing as either Characters or small Factions, (whichever strikes your fancy) on the fringe border of the 'civilized' world of Dandorra. You may choose to be one of countless races of 'monsters', a Fey (which can manifest as nigh any magical being) an adventurer or a whole colony, tribe, anything.
The Convergence Series
(Icon by @Bomb)
From our wiki: "Convergence is set in a fandom multiverse where events have been set into motion to cause beings from disparate dimensions to, despite all odds, meet each other. With the multiverse becoming more widely known, dark forces seek to reach out and take whatever power they can muster from these chaotic opportunities, and it’s up to those who would stand against them to put a stop to these evil schemes. The background and lore of this series is constantly expanding, creating a rich and varied history with a growing cast of thousands."

The Convergence Series is a multifandom crossover Epic Roleplay that follows an overarching story and lore, featuring dozens of popular franchises and characters. While we are fandom based, we absolutely welcome OCs as well, and anyone of all writing styles or experience; in fact, we go out of our way to make our roleplays as newcomer-friendly as possible!

Convergence offers many different roleplaying options. Our Main Events are fast-paced, monthly roleplays that serve as another chapter in our lore. Side Stories are smaller roleplays with a slower pace that tend to go on for a longer period of time. We also have a few casual jump-in Sandbox roleplays which anyone can join at any time. No matter what kind of roleplay you enjoy, Convergence has it!

Our current Main Event is Dead or Lie, hosted by @Atomic Knight and found here. You'll also find a link to our OOC Discord server, where we are always happy to see new faces.

Princess Cronus is an anime-themed Modern Fantasy Roleplay based upon many aspects of Greek Mythology.

Our story starts off in a quaint little Japanese town known as Kuri-shi, where a boy stumbles upon a young girl that fell from the heavens. This young girl remembers nothing but her own name - Saturn. Little does he, or anyone, know - this girl is the rebirth of the King of Titans, Cronus, with his power dwelling inside her.

While none know the full story, rumours of Cronus' resurgence are not unheard of within the realm of the gods & daimones. Many beings, from the simplest of harpies, fiends & brood of Typhon to the Divine Olympians are all seeking Cronus, albeit having different endgoals that range from help to hurt, to heavily simplify things.

And so, it will become quite the adventure for our newfound not-so-dynamic duo as they deal with the beastly and the divine in an orderly manner.

In this roleplay, you will be able to play a wide range of Greco-Roman figures, and obviously, brand new from-scratch characters with connections to such figures.

The Moderator Team

What is a Moderator?
A moderator is in essence, a mediator. Their purpose is to serve as a voice of calm reason to resolve conflicts between users here on Storyteller's Circle.

What are the responsibilities of a Moderator?
It is the responsibility of the Moderator Team to ensure that our users can enjoy a smooth day to day experience here on Storyteller's Circle. They monitor the day to day activity of the site for signs of conflict, and when necessary serve as mediator to resolve conflict between users. They understand the spirit behind our rules, and strive to protect our users from elements that would run contrary to our rules.

It should be noted though that a Storyteller's Circle moderator is not the proverbial judge, jury, and executioner so to speak. A moderator should always seek to PROTECT the enjoyment of users through conflict resolution rather than an iron fist. Sometimes disciplinary measure is the only option available, but for a Storyteller's Moderator this is a last course action, rather than a primary go-to solution.

Are there any rules that Moderators need to follow? A Moderator is expected to uphold not only the letter of our rules, but the spirit of them as well. They are not only role models and as such held to a higher standard of conduct than a standard user, but they are also responsible for maintaining others to a certain standard of conduct that they themselves must equally follow. This is especially true regarding our rules on respect. One must be prepared to treat others with respect if they wish to be respected in return. It is only through this expectation of mutual respect, that a moderator can be truly effective.

What sort of things should Moderators be doing? There are three types of moderators, and each one requires varied skill sets and comes with varying responsibilities.
  • Forum Moderator - A Forum Moderator is responsible for an individual forum (or forums). It is their responsibility to take point on handling any conflicts that may arise within that forum, as well as maintaining the general day to day function of the forum. Examples: A Discussions & Debates moderator would be responsible for mediating a fight that breaks out in a discussion thread, but wouldn't be responsible for handling a conflict in live chat, or responding to reports of misconduct in the Main Lobby. A Help Forum moderator would be responsible for maintaining the help forum integrity, making sure posts are on topic, and that they're answered in a timely manner (either via personally replying, or tagging the appropriate staff member to handle a specific situation). The exact responsibilities of a Forum Moderator vary from forum to forum, based on the needs of said forums.
  • Chat Moderator - A Chat Moderator is responsible for overseeing the general live chat. This is a very specialized role, and also one of the most difficult moderator roles. They monitor chat reports and resolve matters of conflict should they arise. A chat moderator is not expected to be in chat 24/7, but IS expected to handle any reports made regarding incidents that may have transpired in the absence of a chat moderator. Given the lax guidelines over the chat, a chat moderators responsibility is not to sit in chat and strictly whip lash every user toeing the line, or to throw down ultimatums every time tempers flare. It is their responsibility to know how to read the mood of the chat, and to steer it in productive directions. It is their responsibility to understand that live chats by nature are highly volatile areas, and that discrete intervention and redirection is more effective than foot stamping and hard lines drawn in the sand. It is their responsibility to know how to not inflame or escalate a situation. It is also their responsibility to understand when it IS appropriate to use heavier means of disciplinary action.
  • Global Moderator - A Global Moderator is a combination of a forum moderator and chat moderator. They are individuals with the necessary skills necessary to moderate across a wide range of mediums and areas of the site. So while not all forum moderators are chat moderators, and not all chat moderators are forum moderators, all global moderators are both forum and chat moderators.

How does one become a Moderator? We are currently accepting applications to join the Moderator team. Simply PM the following application to Tiko. Please note that due to the highly sensitive role of a moderator, users with account warnings, an ongoing history of misconduct and conflict with other users, or an active history of poor self-control cannot be accepted on the Moderator Team.

The Warden Team

What is a Warden?
A Warden in a simple sentence is a steward to our community. Each and every member of the Warden team represents the spirit and motivation to foster the growth and development of Storyteller's Circle, and to provide our users with a healthy and supportive environment.

What are the responsibilities of a Warden?
It is the responsibility of the Warden team to ensure the optimal experience for our users through any number of community support initiatives. No one Warden is expected to accomplish every angle of this personally, but instead we aim to maintain a full team of well-rounded individuals who compliment one another's skill sets and interests to ensure all angles are covered by the team as a whole.

Are there any rules that Wardens need to follow? A Warden is expected to uphold not only the letter of our rules, but the spirit of them as well. They are role models and as such held to a higher standard of conduct than a standard user. This is especially true regarding our rules on respect. One of the most crucial aspects of the Warden Team is maintaining an unwavering patience with helping users of all types. They must be prepared to handle difficult and at times frustrating situations with understanding and tolerance. Differences in roleplay styles and beliefs must be respected at all times (a Warden offers their services to guide others, but does not force those services upon others), and users who struggle to learn new things should be treated always with patience.

What sort of things should Wardens be doing? The following is a list of key Warden expectations that are crucial to drawing in and retaining new users:
  • Meet-and-greet with new and returning members that post in the Welcome Center. Forming personal connections and friendships with new users is of the utmost importance to ensuring they have a reason to remain on our site.
  • Be familiar with the ins and outs of the forums and its active RPs. The best way to provide timely assistance and recommendations to new users is to be familiar with what's going on around the site.
  • Guide new members around the site. Integrating into a new community can be intimidating. Getting them familiar with our site mechanics can help them feel more comfortable.
  • Recommend appropriate roleplays to new users according to interests, and offer to get them in contact with GMs. A lot of new arrivals can find it daunting to approach established roleplays. Be the ice breaker for them.
  • Help new users with starting their own roleplays. Sometimes we just don't have a roleplay available that suits a new users interest. Offer to personally help get their roleplay idea coverage and attention, and offer assistance with getting it setup if they wish.
  • Help assess situations in which players feel as if their roleplays are dying or lacking activity.
  • Report to the moderators any behavioral concerns that could negatively impact the community.
  • Reach out to potential new users through appropriate off site roleplaying communities to grow our user base.
This list isn't exhaustive and leading any community driven projects that foster growth and interaction falls under the responsibility of the Wardens. This could range from forum contests, to GMing open roleplays, to one on one mentoring, to writing articles for our front page.

How does one become a Warden? We are currently accepting applications to join the Warden team. Simply PM the following application to Tiko. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the Warden Team, users with account warnings, a history of misconduct, or an active history of intolerance towards others cannot be accepted on the Warden Team.
Storyteller's Circle 1 Year Anniversary!

So! One year! For some that have been here from the beginning it scarcely seems like its been that long already, and for others it no doubt comes as a surprise that Storyteller's Circle has only been up and running for one year now.

The place has definitely come a long ways from its beginnings as a ragtag group of a dozen or so people looking for a place to put down roots, and it only continues to grow day by day. When we opened our doors on November 1st of 2016, we were anticipating an uphill battle to really bring the place to life, but much to our surprise and delight the appeal of the place spread like wildfire. In a matter of weeks we had a large enough user base to take a top position on TopRPSites.com and after that... well here we are now :)

Much of this success must be attributed to the users who have made this place their roleplaying hot-spot. Both in doing their part to uphold the spirit of Storyteller's Circle, our rules, and our open/inviting community, as well as more personal involvement in helping to bring new users here through voting, and helping to alleviate some of the financial costs of Storyteller's Circle through generous donations.

In particular, Storyteller's Circle would like to acknowledge and extend a very special thanks to @Faithy, @Nilum, @Script, @marsbat, and @Sokka for being our top five donors throughout our opening year. It is with their help - and many others - that we have been able to provide many of the features and services that we do. While we can only offer so much in return, we would like to extend the offer of a personalized user banner to each of you - of your own design/color - as well as a specialized trophy (pending with our new trophy update soon to come). Details regarding the banners will be provided via PM.

And while it's not as easy to track individual contributions through voting and other methods of helping Storyteller's Circle grow, we will also be offering a one-time trophy to all approved accounts who registered within Storyteller's Circle first year (again with the soon to be release of our new trophy update). Just a little something to note and acknowledge those that helped to build up Storyteller's Circle's foundation.

In other news, many of you may have noticed some new faces among our staff here on Storyteller's Circle, and that's largely in preparation for making a push towards ensuring that our second year is as successful as our first. With the general growth of the site, we have been looking to expand our Warden team with @Silence as the first new addition of hopefully more yet to come, and we have also brought on our first Designers, @Griffith and @Machina Somnium, with @Lialore to head the new team. With the establishment of our Design team, we hope to soon be able to offer staff organized assistance with helping people to develop their roleplays aesthetically through character artwork, map creation, banners, and more.

We also have exciting things on the horizon with the release of the latest xenforo update that carries many new features with it. We are still waiting for all of our addon developers to get their updated versions released so that we can get everything updated at once without any compatibility issues. But it's definitely something that we will be rolling out in the months to come! Anyone wanting to help out with this venture, we're putting aside any excess donations that we receive beyond the basic server upkeep costs to get all of our licenses renewed in preparation for these updates.

And on a closing note: Great job everyone on an amazing first year, and keep up the great work at making Storyteller's Circle such a great place.
Storyteller’s Circle Highlights: April + May 2017

As many of you know, we spent the last couple months easing off on general recruitment and site advertising to help give everyone time to settle in. This recap will be marking the end of that brief hiatus and a fresh new influx of new users soon to come! I'll start us off with our usual special thanks and recaps, followed by some hopefully exciting news.

Special Thanks

With our pause in recruitment our introduction forum hasn't been hopping as much, but I'd like to extend thanks to @Gwazi Magnum, @Kian, @Pokc, and @Silence for their efforts in keeping on top of our new arrivals during the interum. Every new arrival is worth equal attention and assistance.

In addition, special thanks are also afforded for @Script, @_BB_, @6purplecats, @romamaro, and @Pokc for taking the time to recommend our website to others. Nothing says 'I support this community' like giving your personal recommendation to friends.

And lastly, but certainly not least! A very special thanks to everyone who generously donated to the website these past two months. @Script, @marsbat, @Jomber. Nothing is more humbling than the members of our community that help to fund our website. Thank you.

New Roleplay Content

We have several new Epic Roleplays that have opened up their doors since our last recap including Planetscape GMed by @Southpaw, 1,000 Years After the End GMed by @Drakey, and Atlantis - City of Dreams GMed by @RyunaSiege. With our soon to be resurgence of new arrivals Epic Roleplays are a great opportunity to offer a home for large numbers of roleplayers and have historically been a key component to keeping large numbers of players engaged. We're always happy to see more of them open up.

In addition to our Epic Roleplays, we also had a new Multi-thread roleplay start up. War of the Ancients GMed by Shadowsong.

Though historically lagging behind our Epic Roleplays, our play-by-post roleplays have continued to vastly grow in number until they have taken a more prominent position on our website with over sixty different play-by-post roleplays active in the past two months! Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard to generate engaging content across our forums. In particular we would like to once again recognize Stahlheim College of Magic GMed by @ChelonianCommander as its rebooted roleplay proves as popular and engaging as its original. It is my sincere hope that in time our play-by-post forums will be filled with roleplays as lively and engaging as this one has proven to be for its players.

New Miscellaneous Content

Our creative forums continue to be a popular destination for new arrivals and older users alike with new additions in both the artwork and creative writing forums. @ChelonianCommander, @Raging Glowwworm, @Madame Waldegrave, @Veronica, @Arx11, @King Lurk, @Joshua Raxter, @★Under The Stars★, @Jannistory19, @Focusedheart, @Shadowwell, @Drakey, @Imperatus Rex, @Lucifer, @FriendA, @Monster the Vamelfaer, @MJK2431, and @Grimsby all have new threads in the creative forums. As a personal favorite area of the forums, thank you everyone for taking the time to showcase your non-roleplay creative works for everyone to enjoy.


What we're doing right: Despite our decision to take a brief hiatus on drawing new people to the site, the people we already have smoothly took it in stride. Our roleplays continue to bloom, and new content is regularly being made available throughout our forums. This assures me that our decision to ease off the gas for a few months was the right decision to give people time to settle in and work into their stride without being so overwhelmed. Keep the content coming!

What we need to work on: While we have had a large influx of roleplays opening up through-out our play-by-post forum, I have noted many prove short-lived. This is unfortunately a struggle faced by many roleplayers and GMs alike. Long-lasting and engaging roleplays help build confidence with new arrivals, and I would urge anyone who may be struggling with keeping their roleplays going to contact our Warden team for advice and assistance if desired. We have a vested interest in seeing everyone's roleplays succeed!

Sneak peak for June: With out recruitment/advertisement hiatus coming to a close we will be renewing our TopRPSite membership subscription and beginning a renewed push for votes. With high rankings on the TopRPSite always comes a massive influx of new arrivals. Everyone should be ready! If people have new roleplay ideas they've been wanting to get off the ground, or want to flesh out their current roleplays with new players then June will be the month fopr it! Definitely make sure you swing through our introduction forum to scout out potential candidates and to get to know the new arrivals. Since all new members are required to pass through there, it's a great place to find players for your roleplays.

I would also lastly like to take a moment to note that the large quantity of donations we received at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 had our server and site expenses paid up all the way through to June! That was a whole half a year! Unfortunately with June now arriving, so to has ended the surplus of donations funds. Anyone wishing to help out with maintaining our community, now's the time to do it! As always though, Dashmiel and I will personally see to any expenses not covered by donations.
Storyteller’s Circle Highlights: March 2017

Special Thanks

Hi guys! Cream here. I'm helping Tiko out with this month's highlights and so, here I am! We're now in month five of STC's life and things are really good. We seem to have had lots of new members again this month and again, we haven't left an intro post untouched. Great work from all of us, and special thanks to @Nox @Kian @Astaroth @Neptune @Silence and @_nebula_, and of course everyone else that have taken the time to reply to our many new users and help them out.

Also, a special thanks goes to @Nox @Birdee10 and @Silence for taking the initiative to help out with queries that have come into the Help Forum. This means that we also haven't had any of the help forum go unanswered either. Having your help is greatly appreciated, especially if the Admins or staff aren't immediately around.

New Roleplay Content

We have two new epic roleplay's this month. The Isthmus of Souls by @ArQane and Etoliea by @Singing Skies and @Rachel Rider. Definitely go and check them out, as well as the other epic RP's that are up there.

We also have a lot of OOC threads that have started this month, so check them out in the OOC forums. Some of them include: Masks by @ViceVersus, AADC by @Astaroth and E.U.C.L.I.D by @Southpaw and many many more, so be sure to check them all out if you are still looking for more adventures to go one.

Also check out our bulletin board. There are many ideas up there that are waiting to grab attention! Or, post your own if you have a story to tell!

Creative Forums

We now have a photography forum! @Tiko, @katisacat and myself have kick started things off with a bang and posted some awesome pictures. So check them out and post your own if you have anything!

The art forums have been in full swing again this month with amazing new art from @Pankong @lemonyhell @Silverflight @softboy @MoonBubble @The Mass Defect @SakiMcGee @DoveDragon @Petaloúdes and a special thanks to @Avery who I've seen some very gorgeous commissions for some of our users!

And in the creative writing forums we've had lots of new stories and poetry been posted! @Azure Dragon @.Potato., @Otomos the Crazy @katisacat @Draco Red @Rooibos @Pankong @Shadowwell @WiZ @EvrinKai @Madame Waldegrave, @Jingli888 @Aristotlle @Focusedheart @TeaAnna1 @uninspired&tired @FadedAlphabet @IdleChatter @Raging Glowworm and @OxBellows.

The March contests have just closed! I'm getting the voting threads up this weekend, so go and read the entries and look at the art submitted. I didn't have as many entries as last month, but that's okay. Just a reminder that I am to get each contest up around the 10th of each month and they close two weeks later. I'll probably start putting up an announcement in the creative forums to let you guys know that they're up! April's will come once the voting has closed!

As for my monthly comic, that is going to be slightly late for March. I've been extremely busy at work this month and so unfortunately the comic has been on the back burner and I haven't managed to finish it. But it should be up next week some time!


What we're doing right: The forums are in full swing. We're keeping on top of helping out new users, posting roleplays, and generally being focused on the community as we've always wanted to be. This is great guys. Nothing sends a better message than giving a warm welcome to new users and giving them help when they need it.

What we need to work on: The chat. I've noticed over the last month that it's been rather quiet at times. If you're around, pop in and say hello! And if you're a new user, come in and say hello also! Rather than having people come in and see a dead chat, let them come in and see the conversation flowing! Especially if you are like me and like chatting!

Sneak Peak for April: Not sure what we have in store for April but I just want to say that we should keep up the great work we've been doing for the community. It's been a great five months so far! Let's keep up the good work guys!