The Rules of Storyteller's Circle

The Rules of Storyteller's Circle

While we try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere for our users, we do have a number of rules that are in place to maintain a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for everyone. Read them, be familiar with them, and respect them. In return we - the staff of Storyteller's Circle - promise to treat all users on our site with respect, dignity, and honesty.

  • To ensure a smooth transition and an element of compatibility with Storyteller's Circle, all new arrivals are required to participate in our introduction forum and engage in a brief introduction period to get their accounts approved for roleplay. Successful completion of this introduction period is mandatory before being granted access to the roleplaying portions of the forums, and the ability to utilize private messages. See here for further details on how to get your account approved.

  • Maintain common civility towards your fellow writers and staff. Abusive behavior including but not limited to racism, bigotry, open disrespect, harassment, blatant sabotaging of other users' roleplays, and/or other similar acts of intolerance are grounds for immediate disciplinary action.

    And a friendly reminder to everyone. Roleplay websites are often a popular outlet for those with various disabilities or who find themselves on the autism spectrum. Be mindful of differences in our users, and treat everyone with equal respect. Deliberate provoking or veiled mocking of people that struggle with social interactions will fall under our rules on harassment.

  • Maintain common sensitivity towards your fellow writers. Excessive vulgarity in any of the public OOC areas of our site is not permitted. Keep all images posted into public OOC areas appropriate for a general audience.

  • No erotica. Sexual themes and encounters not rising above R-Rated material are allowed in moderation within roleplays. No XXX material, pornography, fetish roleplays, or purely sex driven roleplays or content meant to sexually arouse.

    If you're not sure if something is R vs XXX envision the following: Would you find your content in a movie being played at your typical movie theater? If so then it's probably okay as long as it doesn't fall under any of our excluded categories. If your content is suited for a porn website, adult pay-per-view channel, or erotic fiction web-site then it's not okay. If you're still not sure if something is acceptable, please contact a moderator.

  • Keep mature themes tagged appropriately. If your roleplay contains adult themes and elements, it must contain a 'mature themes' tag so people can easily identify and avoid mature content if they wish. This also includes elements of excessive violence and heavy language as well. If you're not sure about something, ask a moderator.

  • No spamming of off site products and services, and no flooding (repeatedly posting messages over and over) in either the forums or the chat. This includes advertising for roleplays to be hosted off-site through external mediums such as Discord or Google Documents as well as PM exclusive roleplays.

    People are more than welcome to roleplay through PMs and off-site with friends, but the general rule of thumb is that any roleplay being openly advertised on Storyteller's Circle is expected to be hosted within Storyteller's Circle's forums where it can contribute to the day to day activity of the forums. Advertising for exclusively off-site or private content contributes nothing in return.

  • No Plagiarism. The stealing of other writers works and claiming it as ones own is not only illegal, but grounds for immediate removal from the website. If you want to repost something that someone else wrote, just get permission and give credit where it's due. Likewise articles reposted from our front page should link back to our site with the appropriate authors given credit for the writing.

  • Basic fluency in English is expected of all of our members. We do permit the use of alternative languages within roleplays, but all communication within our public OOC areas must be in English.

  • No creation of multiple accounts. Due to the nature of our approval system, and our focus on community orientation, we feel that it is important that all users be easily recognizable for whom they are. If you are in possession of an alternate account created prior to 2/20/2020, please contact an administrator to get the accounts merged.