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Cinco de Mayo! The day of celebration for the victory at the Battle of Puebla. Also, National Astronaut, Cartoonist, Silence the Shame, Totally Chipotle, Hoagie, Bike to School, Skilled Trades, and Interpreter Appreciation Day! So, how about creating a cartoon about an alien interpreter astronaut dealing with a mental illness while eating hoagies and Chipotle, but not while biking to a trade school.
May the Fourth by with you!! Yes, it is National Star Wars Day, along with Weather Observers, Renewal, Orange Juice, Candied Orange Peel, Foster Care, Teacher Appreciation, and Bird Day! So while you consider a new beginning in fostering, watch the weather while sipping on orange juice. Don't forget to share your candied orange peels with your favorite teacher and look to the birds!
National SAN Architect, Lumpy Rug, Garden Meditation, Specially-Able Pet, Two-Colored Shoes, Paranormal, Chocolate Custard, Raspberry Pop Over, Textiles, and Montana Day!! Also, Melanoma Monday. Don't forget to buy new sunscreen every year. It weakens and expires just like any other product. (Continued below because this is long.)
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So clean your textile rugs while learning about data management, then go relax in the garden with your pet while wearing shoes of a different color! Maybe have a picnic with chocolate custard and raspberry popovers! And beware of ghosts. All while in Big Sky Country!
So by some grace of the laptop gods, my laptop which spent an entire night soaking in sweet tea, is some how alive. I finally got my laptop back today... So far the only damage done is the microphone is shot and the touchscreen is busted, but that's been busted for a while.