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How did you get to your username?


many usernames to choose from for me.....

Cutekawaiifox108-- i literally just threw ute in 2 languages and my favorite animal together with some random numbers. no real reason for any of it

Cutekawaiifox18-- an accident i made typing the other user that i ended up using because i always forgot the 0

MeiTheAngel166- i made an OC Mei, a young fallen angel that was kicked out of heaven from bringing a cat to heaven, accidentally turning it into a nekomata. again, random numbers. never changed my cutekawaiifox usernames so i used these all for a while

CuteKawaiiMitsu/CuteKawaiiMitsu18/CuteKawaiiMitsu108-- when i decided to change up my fox usernames, but ive aways used my angel user the same, because its not as old as the fox ones (also because i cant really change them just a little with them recognizable). Mitsu came from my ✨favorite✨ anime character, Mitsuba Sousuke, from Toilet Bounk Hanako-kun

MitsuMitsu is my user anywhere i make a new account, because i love Mitsuba more

this is ignoring all those random second accounts ive made on games for no reason


I've actually made accounts with the exact name since I was five to the origins of it are a bit fuzzy but I do remember seeing it somewhere in my cousin's Musicly account and since we used to be together all the time it pretty much was something I always remembered for some odd reason. I figure that's where it came from!


Aggressive Floaty Thing
Well my name is Jex, which reminds me of Chex. So I made my name Jexmix, like chex mix. My friends call me chex mix sometimes too, so that also played a part.


A Walking Enigma
Many a moons ago I had 2 rather edgy fursona characters named Darky and Twist... and ig the name just stuck lol


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Alice in Wonderland is full of word play and there was a butterfly made of bread and butter in Carroll's book. Flutterby is an existing word play of butterfly, and I thought it's a whimsical, Wonderland-esque word even if it doesn't occur in the books. So I decided to make it my username. XD


My name came from a buddy calling my discord name popper instead of pepper and that stuck then i just added Lil in front of it as fun.


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I usually shorten Lieven to go by Levi, but that's too common so it's already taken on most sites that require unique usernames. Sometimes I have to tack an extra n on the end of Lieven to get past that restriction, too.