How did you get to your username?


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I play Skryim, and I like anything that doesn't look like a human. I kinda grvaitated towards the Argonians, just because.


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I was looking for flower-based names for a new OC and came across Spiraea. The OC never really went anywhere but it became one of the usernames I tend to use on new websites! Turns out we have a spiraea planted in our garden, I just never knew!


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I usually do some form of Olive Garden, but I just decided "fuck it, I'm a lemon now." particular reason? Lemon is just a fun word to say, and I wanted to specify a gender in my name, so. LemonBoi


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My username came from my character Wren, a demon and the heir to Oriens, the Infernal King of the East. They ended up leaving hell and going into hiding after witnessing the horrors of it first hand, now they just run a cute little café. So yeah, they defected and that's the source of my name!
I just mashed some words together and just called it a day. I wanted it to be really pretty, but I'm not really good with that type of stuff so I just went with this one.


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LilyB just didn't look right on its own.
One of my first OCs (my third one if I remember correctly) had the name. I just like it! It's cute! :emoji_ribbon:

Lily's not my true name though, but maybe if I get real comfy here I'll share more. A little mystery adds to the charm I think!

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Mine is inspired by a woman named Rahab from the Bible, and also a game I played called Red String of Fate. I like combining themes both in my stories and in my characters. The protagonist of RSF was a woman without a destiny who could see that of others. Rahab changed her fate, saved her family and became the great grandmother of a king by making one hard right choice when it counted. If you could only see your own potential, you could change the world. But nobody can see the big picture. It's all about doing the right thing when given the chance, being the best version of yourself, doing good by others, and trusting the rest will fall into place.


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Nilum - Latin word, meaning "nothingness" as in the concept of absolute nothing. It can also refer to the Nile river in Egypt, depending on grammatical placement.

Say it twice and you say "river nothing."

I found the thought of people talking to nothing and nothing talking back amusing in a Terry Pratchett kind of way, so there you go.

Vague o3

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Ai-in Ayan or pronounced as "eye in-eye-an" is a local expression that depicts frustration, bewilderment, zero fucks to give... etc. Basically, in english "WTF?"

Wait... my name here is Vague.


Vague o3. Meaning obscur [like my answers to everything]. And the number... the perfect number if you believe in all the astrology crap, is my fave number
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Normally i name the acount after the character/s i will RP on the site
but this time i just used my name and i roleplay so...yeah


well this seems like an easy way to crank out some necessary posts, so i'll bite.

my name exists because 'Sans' is taken and overused too often. so when i was establishing an online persona, i thought; 'ah, what the heck. i'll be comic sans without the sans'. and here we are.


Mine has a bit of an interesting story. Well, I think so, at least. It originated as Maxx, on the first site I joined. This was when I didn't want to be me anymore, with my real name, and Maxx is just an awesome name and an awesome way to spell it.

(I may have also drawn inspiration from the drummer of Set It Off, but oh well, lol.)

Anyway, Maxx was the perfect name. It was unisex, which meant I didn't have to reveal my gender or anything, and I kinda started seeing 'Maxx' as a separate person. They were this confident, friendly, cool person. The opposite of me. But slowly, I became more like that in real life, and realized "Wait, I should change my name to Maxx. It fits me much better than my actual name."

But this was all when it was still just Maxx, and I was still hiding a lot about me, even my gender. Though, being 'Maxx' did help me realize that my gender isn't binary, so it doesn't matter.

I can't remember when, but as I evolved as a person, I thought, Maxx should be short for something if I'm gonna change my name. That would be really cool. On my original roleplaying site, I became "Maxx[2.0]ine". I was v2.0 of myself, finally confident enough for that small hint about myself.

I weren't too happy with that spelling though. It was too normal. So I change 'ine' to 'een'. Partly because it makes my name a portmanteau (of sorts) of Maxx and Queen. And also just because it's awesome.

And that's where my username of Maxxeen came from.

Emily Royal

If I were to ever write a novel - which I have started and stopped several over the years - Emily Royal would be my pen name since it is loosely based off / driven by my real name.


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Mine is a shortened version of Nicole. It's a nickname someone I once considered a friend gave me, and it was just so unique to me, being called a boring name all my life since my actual first name can't be shortened, which is why I have held on to it. I don't use it often, but recently when joining websites where I would like to prevent easy access to my other socials I've been using the nickname Nico.


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I've been on a wild west kick as of late. So went browsing through an old west slang guide that said 'corral dust' meant tall tales. Thought it fit the campfire vibe of this place. :)