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  • Why does my brain work this way? I wanna write replies, but all I can think of is knitting and a new group 'plot'. Ugh.
    I got distracted from maths... By more maths. Jeez, even my procrastination is nerdy.
    I'm bored sad. Also wondering what characters based off of emotions would be like.
    Finally... I swear it took longer to sort out that damn CS, than everything else combined.
    Oooh, I do believe I'm getting through this a lot faster than I usually would, even in this heat. I've essentially coded almost an entire website in about four hours. Taking a break now, gonna continue soon.
    Hm, since the BBCode on here can't do what I want to do - that is, create something that resembles a website/webpage - I guess my only option is to code a webpage and use screenshots of that in my request thread. How fun.
    In Alchemy, the moon is a she, the sun is a he, when both come together they represent both genders in one. The perfect being. So does that mean, to alchemists, bigender and intersex people are perfect beings? And if so, does that also mean that, to alchemists, genderneutral people are the most imperfect of beings? Hm...
    A plot with powers surrounding the arts? Yep, definitely gonna write something for that tomorrow, lol.
    Oh wow... I can now buy a McDonald's hamburger for frickin' pocket change... That's awesome! I can get a meal there for less than a quid now, lol.
    You'd think that after spending about ten hours writing various poems and stories, I'd be tired. But nope, I'm not. How annoying. Especially since it's ten past four in the morning for me now.
    If you ever wanna know how my brain works, just think of this:

    I realized how long my hair is, and my first thought was that it is long enough to be used to strangle me to death with.

    My second thought was that it can be used as a scarf.
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