How did you get to your username?


Zuzu was originally a nickname for an oc that I used to use. Once I started to be on the internet more often I decided to use that nickname for anytime I made a profile on anything. I just like it and have used it for years now.

Sunshine and Whiskey

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Sunshine and Whiskey is the title of one of the songs that I listened to while I was out with some friends. Plus, it describes my personality just a teeny, tiny bit. I can be full of sunshine one minute but the next, I can be full of some whiskey. ;)

Chaos Sphere

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I got my username from this profile picture. When I had finished creating it, I realized that I needed a username that would perfectly fit it; which led to the question on what could this very image I made would represent.

What I ended up with is this: the harmony of the multicolored background, being disrupted by the presence of a greyscale sphere. Since this sphere ruins harmony, it is is a being of chaos; hence the name Chaos Sphere.


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For me, it was just me putting colors and animals in a Wheel Decide because I couldn't think of anything. RNG decided on Red and Rabbit, thus, RedRabbit!


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My name actually has a funny story behind it!

Around a year ago, when I first started getting into public Discord RP rather than private, I went by NorikoStar/norikostar on pretty much everything. In a Japanese high school roleplay server (long since dead), I posted a picture of my face with an orange clay face mask on, saying in the caption that I looked like our esteemed president (I'm American) Oompa Loompa-sama. I set that as my nickname, and, over time, people just started calling me 'Oompa'. That became the name I go by! Whenever people tell me that my name reminds them of Oompa Loompas, I just have to laugh, because that's the point. I added the 'dearest' because of a joke my friend made, and that became my name! Oompadearest!


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My family all made pen names that had shadow in it somewhere. We'd take a name, animal, or creature we liked and something else and mix it all up to make our pen names. I really like dragons so I took the name Draco, which translates to dragon in some language I can't think of right now, and mixed it with shadow and dragon to come up with Draco Shadowdragon. I know totally repetative, right?
The language is Latin! Draco is the Latin word for 'dragon' or 'snake'.


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I've always had a strong connection with angels, and I love winged characters like fairies. Lauriee is an alteration of my real first name, but to sound less feminine and more.. springy! It was inspired by Laurie from Little Women!


Not a very exciting story lol
Aura came from an Ex telling me I was the bright aura to his darkness.
Orion came from my husband who says I'm not just a beautiful star, but an entire constellation


I'm just a nerd
I chose mine because I embrace the fact that I'm a huge nerd and never will get out of this stage. If anyone tries to talk me down anymore, I'm not gonna care because I love being a nerd.


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Mel is short for Mella from an OC I made, and I like Mella, so Mel works just fine for me.

Kaiju Loser

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I made an OC named Kaiger, who was based off myself heavily, and so I used that name everywhere. Later, Kaiger became my YT persona and I came up with the nickname Kaiju Loser (Since kaiger is from the PR universe and I love kaiju) So I'm known as Kaiger the Kaiju Loser
Based on a character I had for a while. Originally it was supposed to be ‘PolikOdesseys” but then a famous YouTuber (at the time) blocked me, and I was forced to create another account so PolikShadowbliss was born. And stuck. The funny thing is that I didn’t think much of my second username but eventually it became my main username for everything.


Mine is the name of one of the characters in a series of books I read years ago called The Sameria Series, by Sharon Shinn.

Lord Goddex

I used to roleplay with a huge group in High School, they all called me Lord and the name just stuck Goddex is just the add on this time. I also go by Lord Lady, Lord Queen and Lord Cyn.


The Anomaly
Ahh, a long time ago, in fact. It was actually due to inspiration from a friend of mine by the name of matt, in fact. He had a character, by the name of "Aster" who was written as a form of diety within the realms of the astral plain. He was a big inspiration for my writing, as a hobby many years ago. Thus the name "Astral" and his different multiversial variations were born. The name just sort of stuck, as I always tend to return to the handle, regardless of where I go, or what I write. Not to say I don't have other characters, of course. Though I love to share this story! So I must say I love the question this thread poses!