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  • To the edge of infinity, an invisible reality
    Where the power of thoughts sets me free
    On the journey to wonderland
    I will hold the key in my own hands
    If dreams can come true let us dream
    -Edge of Infinity by Lunatica
    Call the witch to cast the runes
    Weave a magic spell.
    We who die in battle are borne
    Not for Heaven, not for Hell.
    - Sword in the Wind by Manowar

    *Let's journey back to childhood and relive the songs then
    If you cried out for more… If you reached out for me
    I would run into the storm just to keep you here with me
    I have gone beyond my years, I’ve wasted half my life
    But I found it all in you
    Did I save you, 'cuz I know you saved me too
    -Song #3 by Stone Sour
    Cuban warrior, pagan dancer
    Having a mojito during the sacrifice
    Let's go dance with Hellhammer and Varg

    Desecrating the tomb, to the rhythm of the rumba
    - Norwegian Reggaeton [English Lyrics] by Nanowar of Steel
    Another voiceless cry
    Another hopeless try
    I wish you'd open your wings and take me inside
    From hell with love I write
    Confess my passion crime
    'Cause to my heart, soul and mind, you are Kryptonite
    -From Hell With Love by Beast in Black
    ...I know it probably want intentional, but the fact that you mentioned wings makes me depresso
    Vague o3
    Vague o3
    I apologize dear. Don't worry, it's not intentional
    It's fine, you shouldn't bear any responsibility for my sadness. I shouldn't have said that.
    Raging fear from skies above the fire fill my veins
    Destruction of humanity the everlasting flame
    Cast away no turning back from long and darkened shore
    We'll show no mercy as they fall The fire burns inside
    Now prepare for war!
    -Prepare for War by Dragonforce
    Get the wounded after dark
    Left alone in no man’s land
    Maddening chaos at the front

    Dream of heaven
    Angels are calling your name
    -Angels Calling by Sabaton
    This feeling has always been a poison to me
    Obsession? A thing I can never be free.
    One thing to ask, your time and loyalty
    I was never joking when I said those words of three.
    I steal your sanity, betray your heart and let it bleed
    Burn down your paradise and drain your love
    I stain your purity, become thy faithful enemy
    Defile your womanhood before his eyes
    -Fifth Angel by Beast In Black
    Vague o3
    Vague o3
    @Griffith because every time I see you online, this song pops into my mind XD Peace, bro.
    ohh? thanks LOL now I have a new song to check out x3
    It seems like no one knows
    How you've been feeling
    You're hiding all your hopes
    You stopped believing
    It's not over,
    We're one step away
    We will bend but we will never break
    -Battle Cry by Skillet
    [I'm inspired to write later. After a night's sleep]
    Robin Hood:
    King of thieves
    Hero of outlaws
    Son of a father
    Bewareth, he may be after you
    -Robin Hood by Edguy
    Tribal rhymes afar, gazes lost within the dark of the forest
    Keep on echoing through the walls
    Made of ancient trees surrounding
    The circle of the fire
    -The Returning Race by Windrose
    I fucked up big time and I do not know how to face it. Maybe hide in a hole until my confidence grows back.
    Lila Renn
    Lila Renn
    Shoot it/
    YOU CAN DO IT VAGUE!!! (I know this is late but whatever)
    We all screw up. And that includes you. Please don't shoot whatever you screwed up with (LILA RENN, YOU BAD INFLUENCE), that would just double the screw-up-ness.
    I am here for you if you would like to talk to me!
    Vague o3
    Vague o3
    Hahaha, thanks for that @Lish
    Dunn worry aboutbthis little imp, just need to bring it all out in posts. Nothing to harm the others XD
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    My demons can't sleep
    I'm wide awake
    And this is not the perfect day
    My demons can't sleep
    And I can feel
    That there's no rest or peace for me
    I want them to go
    But I know that's impossible
    I want them to sleep
    But they say they won't fade away
    -My Demons Can't Sleep by Temperance
    The quarternary code
    Gave mankind a rose
    So we could see the beautiful die
    The strange peace of storm
    Hovers over crops
    And a child's face aglow before the scythe
    -Harvest by Nightwish
    Welcome to the wild, no heroes and villains
    Welcome to the war, we've only begun, so
    Pick up your weapon and face it
    There's blood on the crown, go and take it
    You get one shot to make it out alive
    -Rise by League of Legends [Worlds 2018]
    Man that's a good song
    Epic Rise music video
    Vague o3
    Vague o3
    Yis it is. . . Not the live one though XD
    Over mountains paved with gold and through the valleys of the slain
    Our quest will lead us onwards to the journey of the brave
    When the time has come to stand for the power we believe
    We will ring the sound of victory for one and all to see
    -Dawn Over A New World by Dragonforce
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