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A place for new and returning members to meet-and-greet other roleplayers. Farewell posts welcome as well. An introduction thread is mandatory for all new members.

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Today is National: Dadgum That's Good, Fruit Compote, Horse Protection, Minnesota, Peanut Butter Lovers, Pig, and Self-Injury Awareness Day! "Dadgum That's Good" is also a spice and a recipe book. Most importantly, today is Self-Injury Awareness Day. You can find resources at the Center For Discovery or Show your support by wearing orange today. :emoji_large_orange_diamond:
This is the month for: Asset Management Awareness, Credit Education, Craft, Music in our Schools, Noodle, Peanut, sauce, social Work, Umbrella, and Breast Implant Awareness! So better go have some noodles with peanut sauce while studying music in school, considering social work, and talking to someone about asset management and credit education, all while under an umbrella! Sounds like an interesting month.
National Chocolate Soufflé, Floral Design, Public Sleeping, Tooth Fairy, and Rare Disease Day! I have no idea how to combine these, and there is no way anyone is going to catch me sleeping in public. So, I am going to focus on Rare Disease Day (which is sometimes observed on the 29th) as I am friends with someone who not only has a rare disease, but also one of the rarest forms of that rare disease. Lucky him.
Welcome to National Kahlua, Polar Bear, Retro, Strawberry, Anosmia Day! Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that is also sed in a lot of desserts, but if you have anosmia, you, sadly, will not be able to smell it, or smell strawberries. Strawberries? In February? But perhaps they can celebrate polar bears with a polar bear plunge while wearing a totally retro bathing suit. Just leave me out of it, I hate the cold!
Welcome to National Skip the Straw, Pistachio, and Tell a Fairy Tale Day! On Skip the Straw Day, it might be nice to avoid using those plastic tubes that get so publicly stuck up sea turtles' noses. The first paper straw invented in 1888 by one Marvin Stone. Also, don't forget to eat a few pistachios while telling fairy tales and drinking from a glass instead of sipping from a straw!

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