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A place for new and returning members to meet-and-greet other roleplayers. Farewell posts welcome as well. An introduction thread is mandatory for all new members.

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In Alchemy, the moon is a she, the sun is a he, when both come together they represent both genders in one. The perfect being. So does that mean, to alchemists, bigender and intersex people are perfect beings? And if so, does that also mean that, to alchemists, genderneutral people are the most imperfect of beings? Hm...
booooorrrrrrrrrrrrred.... Might go to sleep at a reasonable time for once...
Hello friends! I bet you've all been wandering where ive been... Sorry for not saying sooner but I've kinda run out of time to keep up with all these replies!! Thats why i'm gonna go on a hiatus, dont know for how long, it could be forever. but I just want to say that ive had the funnest time here and I love you all. :emoji_two_hearts:

My career as an UTAU producer begins now! One year ago today I uploaded my last UTAU cover using my own UTAUloid, Hageshi Ayane.
Welcome back Hageshi, and welcome to the team Hibiki!
Bronchitis and Sinus infections are not fun guys..

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