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A place to post character profiles for the Nexus roleplay. Please keep it to one thread per player. This is an open roleplay and anyone is free to post characters into it and join. Please read the Nexus Rules before joining this roleplay.

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I really need to get myself in order. I keep disappearing for extended periods of time without warning, then reappearing with the same lack of warning .-.
It's sea otter awareness month! I guess I should include some facts. They are endangered and internationally protected, a keystone species, the largest of the otter species at up to 5 feet long and 90 pounds (40 kg), live almost entirely in the water, have the thickest fur of any animal, can stay submerged around 5 minutes, and the oldest known otter died at 28 years old!
Happy library card sign-up month!
My moods to write/roleplay have been going up and down lately. But I am in the mood for something.
I really want to do a zombie apocalypse roleplay/story for some reason.

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