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  • There’s no need to apologize for holding your own space. You can ask for more.
    “You must see with eyes unclouded by hate. See the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. Pledge yourself to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two.” — Hayao Miyazaki
    “Why do I write? Perhaps in order not to go mad. Or, on the contrary, to touch the bottom of madness.” —Elie Wiesel
    It's a fragile thing, this life we lead
    If I think too much, I can't get over
    When by the grace, by which we live
    Our lives with death over our shoulders
    Want you to know, that should I go
    I always loved you, held you high above too
    I studied your face, the fear goes away
    The fear goes away, the fear goes away
    “The meaning of life is just to be alive.
    It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.”

    Alan Wilson Watts
    “Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there.
    I do not die.”
    —Mary Elizabeth Frye
    “I am so tired of waiting,
    Aren't you,
    For the world to become good
    And beautiful and kind?
    Let us take a knife
    And cut the world in two -
    And see what worms are eating
    At the rind.“
    —Langston Hughes
    I would say that the world has been cut in two plenty of times, and we have discovered that we are the worms.
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    “Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.”
    “Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
    —Dylan Thomas - 1914-1953
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