Account Approval Guide

Account Approval Guide

One of our most commonly received questions is regarding account approval. Unapproved accounts have limited access to our forums, and aren't able to join any roleplays yet. The process to get your account approved is very simple and straightforward, but first I'll outline what limitations are in place for unapproved accounts, and what access is available to unapproved accounts.

All unapproved accounts have access to viewing all of our forums.

All unapproved accounts have access to posting in the following forums:

  • Help Desk
  • Introductions & Departures
  • Main Lobby
  • Creative Forums
  • Writer's Circle
  • Discussions & Debates

All unapproved accounts do not have access to posting in the following forums or their sub-forums:
  • Roleplaying Forums - General Out-of-Character
  • Roleplaying Forums - General In-Character
  • Epic Roleplaying Forums
  • Forum Games
All unapproved accounts do not have access to using private conversations/PMs. In the event that an unapproved account needs to contact a staff member, please utilize the help forum for general inquiries. If it's a legitimate private matter, simply post a request in the help forum for a staff member to contact you. Please note what kind of staff member you need to speak with: Administrator, Moderator, or Mentor, etc.

All unapproved accounts do not have access to uploading media to the galleries.

How to Get Approved to Roleplay on Storyteller's Circle

Now on to how the approval process works. To get your account approved all new arrivals must post their own introduction thread, as well as participate in a brief introductory period.

This process is typically brief and painless and approval can generally be expected within the first 24 hours for engaging posters who put in a little time and effort into their posts. For less active posters (or spam posting with little substance) the process can span several days or more.

We understand that this may be seen as an inconvenience to some, but people who are patient, friendly, and genuinely interested in becoming a member of our community should have no trouble becoming approved. Most users on average are approved within 5-10 posts, but the exact amount may vary from individual to individual. Places you can post and interact with other users to get your account approved:

Why Am I Not Getting Approved?

If your account isn't being approved, this is generally due to either not posting an introduction thread, not posting anywhere outside of your introduction thread, not posting in any of the above mentioned forums, posting spammy non-engaging content in an effort to get approved faster, or simply not replying to people posting at you. Five thoughtful and engaging posts with healthy interactions with other users will get you approved faster than twenty single-sentence nonsensical comments in random threads that don't give us anything to work with.

Note: We check all new accounts marked for review at a minimum, daily. Asking an Admin to approve you won't speed up this process.