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♫I will build a bridge above you, or I'll tunnel underneath you; I will eat you and excrete you and I'll feed you to the flowers.
If I need to, I'll go through you and absorb your fucking powers; I put in hour after hour let's be crystal clear,
I'm gonna get there if it takes a day or fifty years.
I'll finger-bang my fears, I'll fucking punch a dragon; Even with the Himalayas in my way it's gonna happen.♫
Happy International Bat Appreciation Day to those of you whom absolutely love those cute avian mammals!
Been a long time since I have logged in. Things have been crazy in Lobos & my life as first time parents.
The ember never leaves the ashes; the flames around it move on. Yet it smoulders on, ready for kindle.
Omg I am back I haven't been on here in a while sorry about that. Happy Friday all!

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