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  1. Machina Somnium

    AL: New Dawn

    @BookKnight Sebastian received a one time pass to a Bavethjan space station, and was told to wait right at the docks where the vehicle he came in had left him. He was meant to wait for someone that went by the name Dx. Valled. The picture given to identify them was of a generic looking blue...
  2. Machina Somnium

    Ghosts of the future

    Tensions were at an all time high with humanity. Messenger spirits ran through, fast as the wind would allow. The monstruous folk gathered in their forests or friendly cities, and within, the sound of hooves on the pavement was thunderous and never ending. For transport, to fend off nervousness...
  3. Machina Somnium

    Monsterkind: The growth

    Under a broken moon and a starlit night sky, a young centaur filly looked up at her mother, and asked about the broken buildings and metallic remains in the distance. They belonged to the Age of Metal, her mother answered. The time of humanity, nature's torturers. Back when the Fae lords and...
  4. Machina Somnium

    Megabuilding H11

    Megabuilding H11 WN185 Our little burrow, only it's not so little and it looks nothing like a cozy tunnel. Not very different from the rest of NC's Megabuildings, located in the NID, Watson. We're in luxury apartment 665, on one of the top floors. "Luxury" as in marketing strategy to get...
  5. Machina Somnium

    Chat group: Edge team

    @A.I. Bunny added you to: Edge team. This channel is encrypted using protocol #2023204020732077-DELTA. This method is not supported and AKAWPWBWDDDDH#£#£#£ won't provide support if needed. This channel is isolated. Bunny: Hey bitches welcome 2 the dream team! A.I. Bunny: Welcome to EDGE TEAM...
  6. Machina Somnium


    Westbrook An area that is largely touted as the best place to live in Night City, even though areas of Westbook suffered collateral damage from the Nuke of 2023, with the sub-district of Japantown taking the brunt of the damage. The two decades which followed this cataclysmic event in Night...
  7. Machina Somnium


    Pacifica It was supposed to be a coastal retreat filled with tourist attractions, amusement parks and white sand beaches. That is before the corporations looking to make this dream a reality, pulled their funding during economic hardships. Nomads and Haitians, who had escaped flooding in Haiti...
  8. Machina Somnium

    Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo One of Night City’s oldest districts, who avoided much of the fallout and damage of the 4th corporate war due to its location. During the crisis it was a provisional camp for Night City citizens and refugees looking for shelter. This population has since been dispersed into the...
  9. Machina Somnium


    Heywood A district with a little taste of everything. The north of Heywood, closest to Corpo Plaza and city centre, features beautiful parks and modern architecture, whilst in the south the slums dominate the landscape with gangs like 6th Street and The Valentinos roaming the area. Heywood is...
  10. Machina Somnium

    City centre

    City Centre Next up we have City Centre, the heart of Night City. This was the site of the seminal event of the 4th corporate war. This led to the destruction of Arasaka Towers, leaving a massive crater in this district. The rebuilding of City Centre has just recently ended with the...
  11. Machina Somnium


    WATSON The district of Watson used to be the go to locale in Night City featuring everything from Nightclubs to skyscrapers, to corporate offices to a top end med center and even the biggest black market in Night City. After the Unification War and the subsequent return of Saburo Arasaka and...
  12. Machina Somnium

    [OOC] Reference & Characters

    Hey hey!, welcome to Life on the Edge's OOC Thread. A slice of life roleplay set in Night City, heavily inspired by the Cyberpunk Red TTRPG and Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. Live the life of a mercenary, an Edgerunner, on the fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or...
  13. Machina Somnium

    Life on the Edge

    Hey hey!, welcome to Life on the Edge's interest check and sign ups. A slice of life roleplay set in Night City, heavily inspired by the Cyberpunk Red TTRPG and Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. Live the life of a mercenary, an Edgerunner, on the fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or...
  14. Machina Somnium

    Luseths bedrooms and bathroom

    Lukais' bedroom It has blue carpet flooring. There's a double bed with blue sheets and two nightstands, one of which is just a block of wood with a paper flower on it. On the other there is a small lamp. In front of the bed thre is a large wooden dresser, some family pictures on the wall and a...
  15. Machina Somnium


    The upstairs hallway is long, with wooden floors and long blue carpets. It connects almost every room in the upper floor, as well as the Terrace. The Upstairs living room is has wooden floors and a big, blue square carpet. There's one sofa, a coffee table, two armchairs, some ornments and a tv...
  16. Machina Somnium

    LOZ: Breath of the Wild drabbles

    Year 103 post Calamity A young woman lay awake, listening to soft snoring from one of the other stable hands. Through the window, she could see the blue shine of a strange tower. It, along with many others she could make out in the distance, had risen more than 3 years ago. They made the entire...
  17. Machina Somnium

    Machina's gears

    Template: Name: Alias: Pronouns: Age: Race: Occupation: Place of origin: Complexion: Build: Body mods: Cybernetics: Relationships: Relatives:
  18. Machina Somnium

    Bavethj and Bavethjan[WIP]

  19. Machina Somnium

    Vita Nova [AL]

    @Treasure Your character arrived to an unfamiliar space station, and was told to stay outside a few office doors, along with many others, all kinds of people are sitting outside with you in some sort of waiting room. There is no way to see into any of the office.s Some of them look nervous...
  20. Machina Somnium

    Open ALIEN LIVING (Slice of life/action/adventure/Sci-fi)

    Hello!, I'm Machina Somnium and I'm looking for a roleplay partner to look into developing this particular idea: Your character is looking for a new beginning. They can be a human, a fictional alien species from an already existing franchise, or something you have invented. Do keep in mind this...