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    Private Sleight of Hand

    Arylin looked at Mithri - who seemed to be uncomfortable with their new emotions. I can just magically have a drink served to me? She thought. “I want the strongest thing you’ve got here, AI dude.” Then, as if she’d always been holding it, a glass appeared in her hand. That’s great, then. She...
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    Private Sleight of Hand

    A big intimidating demon who writes? Thought Arylin. That was pretty cool, if not a little soft. She watched the two men with a new outlook. When she first met them, she thought they were quite strange and maybe even a little stand-offish. But now, she realised they were doing the best with what...
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    Private Sleight of Hand

    Arylin stared at the man, then up at the ceiling of the Leaky Servo to where the voice of an AI came back to reply to him. She looked downwards again. “Right…” she said. “Yes, first time. And it’s been super weird too.” She repositioned herself on the chair to take a good look at the man in...
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    Private Sleight of Hand

    It had been a long start to the day, with not many meaningful things to do. Arylin Enyo had been wandering through Wayfarer’s Point, looking at all the market stalls as she passed through. She’d been having a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. Like she had to do something. It was only soon...
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    meijasrparilyn’s characters

    Arilyn Enyo A teenager who wants to find herself in a world where everyone is accepted, while at the same time, no one is. Arilyn is a descendant of Aries and Enyo, Greek goddess and god of Destruction. Arilyn is a happy, high spirited person, but she has her moments when the characteristics...
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    New User Hi there everyone

    Ummm I think it was a character a wrote a while ago for a story I was writing. She was great, because she was confident and loud spoken, whilst also knowing her limits. She was realistic because she wasn’t perfect and she knew she had flaws, which made her relatable.
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    New User Hi there everyone

    Thank you! I like to write fantasy and romance! Although, I’m down for anything.. Female characters are the best to play, I think. Especially because most of my OC’s are female.
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    Where did you start?

    I’m actually new to RP but I’ve been writing all my life and thought this community would be the best place for me!
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    My other OC

    (Not sure if I’ll use her, but she’s here for back up if needed!) Name: Maya Race: Human Personality: Troubled, likes to act out, steals jewellery and makeup, always seen in dark, scandalous clothing. She’s kind, but not all the time. Age: 18
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    My OC

    Arilyn Enyo is my OC who I’m hoping to RP with at some stage. She’s only a teenager, but her attitude makes up for it! She has Greek Goddess blood, meaning she’s half goddess, half human. Her sister was Enyo, the goddess of destruction. She wants with everything inside of her to separate herself...
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    When we die, where do we go?

    Wow, this is an intense question…
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    New User Hi there everyone

    Hey guys, I’m new to RP, but I have a character who would fit really nicely in some other dimension or world and I’m really excited to join in with everyone!