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  1. Shadow

    Interest Check Paradise Lounge

    Located in the heart of a large city, Paradise Lounge is a hot spot for dining and relaxation. Soft, cream-carpeted flooring, tables, booths, a lounge area with a 4K big screen TV, a karaoke machine, fancy chandeliers, a bar, and a fireplace for those cold days, this place lives up to its name...
  2. Shadow


    I have a quick question. My character, a birdman named Alexander, who I've just entered into the rp, has no superpowers and is inept at fighting, but he can sing beautifully, which he's unaware of. How can this impact the story, if it all?
  3. Shadow

    My Beautiful Birdie...and Other Characters

    Name: Alexander Species: birdman Age: 23 Appearance: Alexander is 6'6" with a lanky build and white plumage. He has the head and legs of a bird, but the body and arms of a man. His eyes are deep blue and frontally-positioned. He has a yellow, conical beak, and his matching legs are long and...
  4. Shadow

    Question Are there any walk-in rps?

    For those who want to just jump and hang out, are there rps that allow characters to, like lounges, cafes, etc?
  5. Shadow

    New User Hello, everyone.

    Hello, I'm Shadow. I'm very glad to meet you all and to be a part of such a huge community of people who love roleplaying. My favorite genre is science fiction. I just love all the elements of it: futuristic worlds, multiple kinds of characters, space battles, and the like. As far as my hobbies...