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    Snow Bound

    Bianca puled the door behind her and smoothed the wrinkles out i the smock that covered her. Her skin crawled and itched udder the peasant garment. She was, after al accustomed, to wearing the finest gowns, the fanciest jewelry and indulging all of the finest luxuries a royal upbringing...
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    Downloaded (1X1 Modern Fantasy High Fantasy

    One heartbeat, In one heartbeat,Aurora's life had changed, her life and changed, her woolrl had vanished. . Or perhaps, more accurately, she had vanished form her her world. A prick of her finger on a needle, a drop pf her blood falling to the marble of te floor, a harsh, cold cackle of...
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    Looking for Original Artwork for my Character Pics

    I am not an artist but if I am going to use pics from my characters, I would like to use original artwork/I can not afford to pay anyone but I would give credit and hype up the artist(s). I'm looking for more of a graphic novel style. Here is a link to my current original characters, this list...
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    Multiple-Fandom idea

    Upon reflection that the following TV series or at least elements of them could be combined into a pretty interesting RP. Battlestar/Gallictica (The newer version) Buffy/Angel The 100 Dr. Who (the version that started up in the early 2000s) Anyone interested?
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    Favorite Five Characters in Batman's Rogue Gallery

    To me, barman has the most diverse and fascinating Rogues Gallery in all of mainstream Comicdom. If you feel differently we can have a separate discussion/debate/flame war (just kidding on that last one.) When I started to narrow down mt favorites, I realized I could (barely) only narrow it...
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    The Soul Of Vegas: Northern Quadrant

    Technno music pumped through the speakers of the club, swaying the throng, blades of multi-hued grass in a frenetic wind. Waitresses wove through the chaos, holding trays above laden with drinks , packets of powder piled on most of the trays/ One of the waitresses veered to a booth in the...
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    My Current RPS and RP Ideas

    So in case anyone is interested here are the Current RPS I have started,. Active (Myself and at least one other person have posted In Character for the following RPS: Souf Of Vegas RP Ready To Play (No one but me has posted In...
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    The Soul Of Vegas: The World Of Syndor

    (I decided to have a little fun with this.) Name: Syndor Race: Planet Gender: Ummm...Planet" Sexual Preference: What Are You Talking About? Appearance: Well, round, very round, with lots of water, but I am seeing a physician plaet about that HA! Anyway...there are three bodies of water...
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    Slayers: A New Breed (Buffyverse RP)

    I ave been picturing this in my head for a while. Whenever I do, it is as an epic Television Series, Unfortunately unless I win the lottery or I inherit Fort Knox, I am not making one of those in the near or distant future. It;s pretty self-explanatory and wide open, This would be dealing...
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    The Soul Of Vegas: The Western Quadrant

    It's cold. So cold. My denim jacket isn't thick enough to keep the cold from sneaking through the holes in my tee-shirt and brushing against my skin, a caress of ice that wanders wherever it wants chilling my veins with every breath I take. But the I'm used to being touched, being...
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    Broken Bond: Beauty And The Beast

    Isabelle squinted through the fog on her glasses at the time displayed on her laptop. Almost three in the morning and she was just over halfway done with her online presentation, If it was just displaying her designs and talking about them, she could float through, a butterfly dancing on...
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    Beauty And The Beasts RP Announcement

    Basically the first take I wanted to do in a series I am planning to call Grimm Fury which eill be takes on the Grimm's (and Other Classic) Fairy Tales. More on that later in a different thread. But for now, in Beauty And The Beasts, Belle's father is compelled to surrender his daughter to...
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    Soul Of Vegas Character Thread

    This thread is for the characters from The Soul Of Vega RP which is currently in development Here is the link to information discussion about this RP. ttps:// .
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    Lore Weaver's Legion

    I don't have a ton of characters for RP here right now so "Legion" is more aspiration at the moment. Also I don't have pics for any of my characters due in part to the reason because and because due to the intention of using most of these characters in multiple RPS with different settings and...
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    The Soul Of Vegas

    So I'm new here but I have had this idea burning in my head and need to get it out there. It's still very much in the early devlopment stages and I am looking, in addition to Rpers, for people interested in helping to development and refine the idea. The basic idea is an alternate Earth (or...
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    New User Hello, my name is NOT Slim Shady...

    if you get the musical reference, God bless you. If you don't, God Bless you anyway. I haven't role-played in a year or so but I have been active on and off for longer than I care to remember. Possibly longer than I have been alive, if that makes sense. I also write on occasion, mostly...