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  1. Siege

    Non-Canon Brave Exvius

    Day 1: The Adventure Begins You find yourself waking up in a nice little bed with a nice view of the clouds outside... wait, clouds? After a quick realization, you can deduce that you are on an airship. But how did you get there? All you can remember is your memories you have and falling...
  2. Siege

    New User My Intro Topic

    Hello Everyone! I may be new here, but I'm not new to the Roleplay things. I've been Role-playing for almost 2 years now. I am ready to start Role-playing here and cannot wait to see what Roleplay groups or topics I could get into!
  3. Siege

    Resolved/Answered How do I get registered?

    Hi, new here. What do I need to do to get registered?