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  1. MarronQuillnest


    I guess we can talk here for now @Siber
  2. MarronQuillnest

    Oscar’s Academy for troubled children

    Tw: Some things in this RP might be triggering or 13+. If that is uncomfortable for you please don't read! Cs: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/oscars-academy-for-troubled-children.9417/ Interest check...
  3. MarronQuillnest

    Oscar’s Academy for troubled children OOC

    Cs: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/oscars-academy-for-troubled-children.9417/ Interest check: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/oscars-academy-for-troubled-children.9392/ This is where we can talk OOC about plots and the roleplay out of character
  4. MarronQuillnest

    Question Can I involve dark themes into my Roleplay?

    I was wondering if I could involve things like self harm, suicide, and depression if I am sensitive and do my research. I will not be going into detail i just wanted to add along the lines of "he suffered from severe depression causing him to cut himself" into my character sheet. Nothing gore...
  5. MarronQuillnest

    Oscar’s Academy for troubled children

    Charterer sheet Please remember that the theme is dark academia aesthetic First name: Age (preferably 13-18) Sexuality: Why there in the academy: (remember its kind of like a mental hospital) Back story: Type of clothes: (remember it’s dark academia) introverted or extroverted: Bad habits ...
  6. MarronQuillnest

    Full Oscar’s Academy for troubled children

    Oscar’s school for troubled children is located in Rye, England and was considered one of the greatest schools known in the 1930’s for curing the troubled. Their intensive therapy, the medications, and the friendly staff made the facility seem normal. But no one fully knew what they were...
  7. MarronQuillnest

    Resolved/Answered Have I met all the requirements?

    Hey I was just wondering if i had all the requirements necessary to get accepted.
  8. MarronQuillnest

    Resolved/Answered Where can I sign up to be mentor?

    I can not pm yet but I would love to sign up to be mentor. I feel like I could be a great asset to this website. So where could I apply?
  9. MarronQuillnest

    paper mache dougnut

    Hope this is ok! Here is paper mache doughnut I made for art class. Hope you enjoy! I named it Bougie doughnut because it looks like it has gold frosting! Enjoy!
  10. MarronQuillnest

    New User Hello!

    Hello! Im new here but not new to role playing. I have been doing it for a couple years now. Im so exited to be here and meet you all. Hope to role play with you cool peeps!