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  1. Geck0


    This was a relatively short journey. Transporting sensitive equipment from the Asteroid Belt to the Kuiper. A journey of a few months, as the devices being carried were so fragile even half a G of acceleration would be enough to damage or break them. The solar cycler carrying this equipment had...
  2. Geck0

    Gecko's Characters

    Personal: Name: Soda Gender: Male Age: 7 Appearance: Soda is notably small, standing at only 61cm tall, and weighing only 12kg. A draconic humanoid, Soda has a face with traits of both reptiles and canines, with large wide-set eyes, small spiny ridges across the edges of his head, and two floppy...
  3. Geck0

    Geck0's Menagerie

    Geck0's collection of characters.
  4. Geck0

    Departing Barely ceremonious departure

    I’ve realised, or decided, this website no longer has anything for me. As such, I’ll be leaving until some time in the distant future- or perhaps not at all.
  5. Geck0

    The Frontier: Talamh’caeli

    Planet type: Water World. Habitable: Confirmed. Allegiance: Neutral. On the edge of Jaddoobaa space, residing in the Frontier worlds lays a singular planet known as Talamh’caeli. The surface is one hundred percent water, the depths of which are shrouded in fear and lore deterring even the...
  6. Geck0

    The Frontiers: Planet Eustea

    Planet type: Terrestrial World. Habitable: Confirmed. Allegiance: Neutral. A barely habitable world with cold air and only small rivers inside a thin atmosphere. Settlers have used various glyphs to keep it reasonably livable in small settlements but outside of those the going would be tough...
  7. Geck0

    The Core Systems: Aer

    The homeworld of the humans within the Jaddoobaa pocket, a world covered in glowing cities. The humans have powerful planetary defenses that dissuade invasion.
  8. Geck0

    Forgotten World: Planet Armistice

    World Type: Ice Planet Habitable: Confirmed Allegiance: Human/Coeti An isolated world of ice with a surface that froze aeons ago. Beneath the shifting surface of ice on the entire planet lies a vast, impossibly deep ocean, warmed by radiantly hot sea creatures with volcanic bodies. Both the...
  9. Geck0

    The Frontiers: Planet Helios

    Planet Type: Magma Habitable: Confirmed Allegiance: Neutral A brutal world on the surface close to it's sun, during the day the surface temperature is hot enough that even magical means struggle to withstand the heat. The surface itself melts during the day time, not that one could tell, as the...
  10. Geck0

    Enchanted Star!

    Yo! Anyone interested in some interesting Fantesy RPs? Like...castles in space kinda stuff. Like that kinda interesting that throws Treasure Planet and The Grisha Trilogy together. Like that kinda interesting that makes you reread an entire paragraph just to make sure you read that right - and...
  11. Geck0


    This here is the ooc topic for the forum! This is where you can discuss and ask questions regarding the rp. Please keep any conversations relevant to the rp.
  12. Geck0

    Enchanted Star

    Enchanted Star is an Epic Roleplay in a completely unique fantasy universe that shirks most typical fantasy conventions. No elves or dwarves or orcs, no "stuck in medieval times" business, a world where a lack of technology meant instead magic has advanced to the space age. A pseudo-sandbox, the...
  13. Geck0

    Faction Creation

    This is the topic in which you create your own faction! This can be a number of things: You can make something controlled by the government, such as a school or militia; or you can make a legitimate organization such as a guild; or you can create an illegitimate faction, including a gang, or...
  14. Geck0


    this thread is just a test.
  15. Geck0

    Generik's Characters

    GENERAL INFORMATION: Name [It would be nice if you stated how it is pronounced.]: Nicknames/Titles/Alliases [Optional]: Gender: Species: Age: Homeworld: Current Loyalty [What faction/guild they're in, if any]: Current Residence: Hyadn Status [Whether or not they're a Hyadn, yes or no]...
  16. Geck0

    The Core Systems: Ostra - Wielden Colony

    The homeworld of the Sli'f, rather than a planet this homeworld is a vast field of asteroids and planetoids, with one outer side being heavily populated and the inner regions gradually becoming sparse. The strongest mining industry known thus far, Ostra has a strong economy and significant...
  17. Geck0

    Sentient Life Upcoming

    CHORDA Chorda are an avian race known for their rich heritage.
  18. Geck0

    Anti-Clutter Archives

    Posts are moved here if they are out of place, in order to reduce clutter.
  19. Geck0

    Enchanted Star (Jaddoobaa/The Jaddoobaa Pocket)

    SENTIENT LIFE Below is listed the sentient life within the universe of Enchanted Star. Included is their appearance, physiology, and cultures. HUMAN Humans are simultaneously the most naturally curious and social race, and also the most aggressive. Their home world is Aer, a shattered...
  20. Geck0

    Sentient Life

    Below is listed the sentient life within the universe of Enchanted Star. Within the threads below are listed their appearance, physiology, and cultures.