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  1. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Of Morals and Teeth

    The morning was filled with the familiar sounds of the park. Cries of children and dinosaurs filled the air with equal measure and for the little dinosaur in her paddock, the sound was tantalizing. What was out there beyond her walls!? The air was filled with the familiar stink of the two legs...
  2. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    [1x1] Into the Wilds (Drackana&Zae)

    Renius Quintus Marcellus was having a better day of it. His head pounded inside the confines of his helmet as he staggered to his feet with the help of his Optio under the shields of his remaining cohort. Britons were on all sides yelling their war cries as they bashed into the legionaries...
  3. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    In the Dark of the Night... (Quinley)

    @Quinley She had her reservations. Nothing about this was sitting right but the circumstances had reached a point where a lack of intelligance was being a nail in the coffin for them. This was why she was here and the mission they had before them was dangerous and risky. They were far away...
  4. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Pandora's Box; Survival Mode (Leevi)

    @livinglikeleevi He hid beneath what had once been a bus shelter, now fallen to the ground in disrepair, balled up against the thick glass. The structure was overgrown with weeds and ivy and as he looked out beyond the relative safety of his sanctuary, he could see that saplings were starting...
  5. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Rotter Plotter Thread search - 1x1 wit' me?

    Hello! Soo... I've reached a point where I'm stalking one thread consantly and this means I need new RP buddies! Always interested in meeting new views of RP and such. Always interesting. I am open to the usual levels of violence, language and sexual themes, but I am not interested in FxF...
  6. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Oh, pinfeathers and blotches! (Zul'Zae'ju'Jun & TatlTails) To be deleted/archived

    "This is just brilliant! We could be nice and snug in that tavern. All warm and comfortable. Food. Ale. A bunk to fall into. But hark! No! Here we are in this deluge traipsing after gods know what!" The figure continued pulling a trench coat tighter around himself as horse and rider picked...
  7. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Buckster's Char(s)

    Name: Lawrence Huxley Gender, Age: Male, 30 Role (Family): Guardian Appearance and Personality: Lawrence stands quite tall at a height of 6'. He's muscular but lean, quite clearly paying attention to his physique. He has brown eyes, a slightly crooked nose and has wide cheekbones set with...
  8. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Buckster's Artsies

    So, I figure I should perhaps maybe show off a little and show you what I do artistically. I draw and I love to do wildlife photography. You'll find me on deviantart as Voqaska. I draw animals mostly, I'm better with drawing them than with humans though I do sometimes surprise myself. Very...
  9. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    New User Hello!

    Hello! I am Buckmane. You may call me Bucky, Buckington, Buckster, Buck... whatever really. I have been role-playing on and off for the last, oh, eight to nine years. Maybe more! I enjoy writing and I am avid reader, mainly of fiction, sci-fi and and fantasy. I am a creative person, I do draw...