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  1. Rorshach's Journal

    Chat Quotes

    Here's a lovely archive where we can keep track of the zany things we say in chat. First off, a winner by our resident Querzi, Herzi:
  2. Rorshach's Journal

    Count to 50 before a staff member

    Rules: Each post contains a number - from 1 to 50. Each poster posts the next number in the order. When a staff member replies to this thread, it resets the count back to one, starting from the next Teller to post after said staff member. Example: Teller1: One Teller2: 2 Teller3: 3...
  3. Rorshach's Journal

    (Sci-Fi/Horror) Line of Sight

    You were part of an eight-person team, manning an outpost as close to the surface as the council decreed safe. No light filtered into the underground, anymore - not since the sun went blotted and the moon remained frozen and present in the sky. Five generations of pale children, and your race...
  4. Rorshach's Journal

    RJ's characters.

    Here are a depository of various characters I may use again at one point, and will function as an easy point of reference should I need it. Characters: Tycho Lamp Torrential Anzo Inmate #47B Harriet Lamonticus Vernon
  5. Rorshach's Journal

    New User This forum is afraid of me...

    Rorshach's Journal: Saturday, November 5th. Demon goat contacted me. Told me about new forum, new opportunities, new ideals. Ditched the old name - couldn't even fly, anyway - came aboard, saw the sights. Was impressed. 25 years old, liking apocalyptic, fantasy, science fiction. Happier than a...