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  1. Kian

    /HFY Story

    So, This story isn't by me, it's by a redditor on /HFY, and it got taken down. Luckily it's still available on Imgur. So, here is a great short intro story if you're interested in this kind of story.
  2. Kian

    Frostpunk: Southbound Trek

    The year is 1986, a century since the beginning of The Endless Winter. Triggered by the eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount Tambora as well as a dimming of the sun, the Earth was plunged into an abrupt volcanic winter. Millions died. Crops failed. No hope was in sight. Our forefathers built the...
  3. Kian

    In case you want to jam

    Just a friendly reminder that Earth, Wind & Fire exists for u guys out there. Personally, these songs are perfect to jam to for some good old fashioned fun. But what do you guys like to listen to? I haven't seen any music threads around so...
  4. Kian

    Returning User Hello there, I return.

    Hello everybody, I've come back to STC because I have gotten inspiration and am now out of my mental-block of anything creative. Sorry for the sudden departure w/o a departing thread, after Ame Damnee's unfortunate demise, for those of you who remember me, I had to attend to duties such as...
  5. Kian

    Kian's Survivors

    There's stuff here now
  6. Kian

    Forest Kryamn Forest

    The Kryamn Forest hugs the city of New Eden around its sides and are under constant watch by the Wardens. Despite the countless expeditions into the woods, there has been little progress beyond the peripheries of the woods. The density seems to increase as one continues through the trees, the...
  7. Kian

    Port Arcadia

    Port Arcadia is an old, weathered naval harbor, with old, unused warships of centuries prior. The wooden hulls creak with age and the sails left with gaping holes throughout their fabric. The cannons were cracked from the rain and winds slowly eroding their outdated cast iron bodies. Trade is...
  8. Kian

    New Eden Orphanage

    Tucked on the other side of a large sparsely forested lawn from the hospital, The Warden's Haven, lays a large mansion. A long twisting path connects the two. A plaque next to the door of this house reads “New Eden Orphanage, Home of the Children.” The place is lit by blue flames that float...
  9. Kian

    Warden's Haven - Hospital

    Once used as a Warden's keep, the building was recommissioned almost ten years ago as a hospital for the sick and injured of New Eden. While the hospital does not visually impress, the small horde of nurses and menders ensure that everyone is welcomed and tended to with great care. Maxwell...
  10. Kian

    The Solstice Colosseum - Arena

    While New Eden is the glorious home to everlasting peace, the enormous Solstice Colosseum stands as the city's sole arena, strictly reserved for sports and training. The audience stands surround the circular field, observing the occasional sparring match among other events. Reservations and...
  11. Kian

    The Staff n' Flagon - Tavern & Inn

    There lies a tavern down the street. It stands two stories tall and encompasses a fairly large area. As the doors swing open, loud boisterous banter is heard throughout the hall of the tavern. Along the sidelines of the tabled area, the barkeep Sikex serves refreshments for patrons while food is...
  12. Kian

    IC Events New Eden [READ FIRST] [MAJOR EVENT: TBA]

    (Courtesy of RyunaSiege) This will be where IC posts regarding all of New Eden will be posted. Stay tuned folks. Please be sure to check out our Directory page for more details!
  13. Kian

    Alone Together, Out There

    A loud hiss and clank echoed throughout the long halls of The Core. From the viewports aimed down towards the poisonous planet, The Ring could be seen descending towards the surface. The massive structure seemingly slowly entered the atmosphere, igniting as it slowly began to disappear into the...
  14. Kian

    Kian's World Conquest!

  15. Kian

    Outskirts of New Eden

    The outskirts of New Eden are vast and lightly developed with dirt and gravel roads that branch off from the primary stone brick road that leads into the great unknown, Oblitus. The great gate into the city is heavily guarded by Wardens and militia members and are constantly examining what...
  16. Kian

    Residential Zone

    The residential zone's streets are lined with the dense homes, dimly lit with street lamps. Families and friends converse and enjoy one another's company in the small areas of vegetation left in some locations rather than homes, serving as miniature parks. Late in the evenings, workers return to...
  17. Kian


    The economic heart of the city, the forum marketplace is the home to a massive variety of commodities and goods, sold by the merchants and shopkeeps located around the plaza and surrounding streets. Vendor stalls and shops line the streets and are scattered throughout the district with customers...
  18. Kian

    Craftsmen's and Artisan's Guilds

    Located near the marketplace/forum, rather conveniently, the guilds of artisans and craftsmen are located in their own district, along with their own individual means of production, such as the blacksmith, sawmill, woodworker's, or even the jeweler. Raw materials and goods flow evenly through...
  19. Kian

    Cathedral of Eden

    The massive Cathedral of Eden stands directly in the center of the central hub atop the hill of New Eden. The well-defended fortress-like structure is located near the Warden's Keep, allowing it to be protected with the best security in the city. Grandiose and imposing, it looms over the city...
  20. Kian

    The Warden's Keep

    Within the Central Hub, the Warden's Keep stands. It is a massive complex near the Cathedral of Eden, functioning as the home and operational headquarters of the Wardens. The separate buildings all specialize in their own functions, allowing the Wardens to provide for themselves as long as raw...