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  1. Atomic Knight

    Character Rosters

    You are not required to post any characters within this thread and it is not a thread for claiming certain characters. This is only for a player's own personal use as a record for characters they have played in the past and who they may want to play.
  2. Atomic Knight

    Ragnarok Character Directory and FAQ

    Please post a character sheet here before hopping into Ragnarok. You do not need any GM to approve your character before you begin posting! : ) Though Ragnarok is part of a crossover fandom universe, original characters can be played. Original characters can either be from a universe of the...
  3. Aman

    Deleted from Directory

    ☪ ☀ The City of the Damned – Abaddon ☀ ☪ IC Forum <><><><><><> <><><><><><> Approximately 634 years ago, around 2 centuries after the rise of New Eden, the Daemon's Cradle was discovered by The Envoys and Abaddon was built. The three Daemon Lords constructed the city in the wastelands of...