school role-play

  1. Faithy

    Open Lockdown at Cordova [Can you escape before being decimated.]

    Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least...
  2. Anaee

    Sakura Academy - OCC - Now Accepting

    “ A Quote Either About or ‘from’ the character “ [ Image of character here if applicable ] Full Name: Nickname/Alias: (Optional) Birthdate: Age: Gender: Orientation: Which Branch?: Star Ranking: (Choose depending on opinion on ability & age for character) Alice: (Try and make it different from...
  3. Crow

    School Omnitrix Club!!!

    Yeah yeah, I know, I know. In an unspecified Japanese School which hosts levels from Middle to High School, three students will be pulled together by fate. These students have two things in common - they wish to join the Paranormal Interest & Investigations Club (or the Paranormal Club for...
  4. Maluon

    School for the Enchanted OOC

    OOC thread for School for the Enchanted Roleplay
  5. Anaee

    Alice Academy (OOC/Sign-Ups - Full)

    ~ Alice Academy Student Application ~ Character Application Gender Count: ♀ - 7 ♂ - 8 Students Enrolled: ✿ Senior High Branch ✿ Miyuki Akiyama - ♀ - Dangerous Type - Ice Alice ; The Ice Alice allows the holder to not only conjure ice, but control the surrounding temperature, lowering...
  6. Southpaw

    E.U.C.L.I.D: Elite Undercover Collegiate Investigative Division - OOC & Sign-ups (OPEN!)

    New Victoria. Metro Population: 10 million. Taxis bustle about the crowded streets. The sounds of bodega salesman and street performers' instruments flood the cracks between car horns. People make their way to work, to play, to live....but also, to learn. In the center of the city, tucked into...