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A bunch of crows is called a murder, but a bunch of ravens is called an unkindness. Ravens are one of the most intelligent creatures in the world, up there with dolphins and chimps, and far above crows. Sorry, crows.
In the cartoon version of "Ghostbusters," Bill Murrey's character (Peter Venkman) is voiced by Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield in "Garfield and Friends." Bill Murrey then voiced Garfield in the CG/Live Garfield movie. Such a curious connection between fat cat and ghost hunter.
The famous Flintstones were originally named the Flagstones and intended for adult adiences. The first couple of seasons were sponsored by a cigarette company, and Fred and Barney, especially, helped to sell cigerrettes, occasionally taking the equivalent of smoke breaks.
When you finally find a normal name for your demon character and you just kinda forget how to last name and use place name/feminine article for that language XD
Velma in Scooby Doo losing her glasses = Velma losing her mind, but did you know the first time she "lost her glasses" it was actually due to an accident at a table reading? The actress who voiced Velma (Nicole Jaffe) actually lost her glasses and said the famous line without thinking. The producers liked it so much, they added it in.
In 1996, NASA claimed to have found life on Mars. Things then got confused because while we think "life" means people, they meant some sort of organic material that started life here on Earth when an asteroid from Mars fell here. Turns out... there's not even organic life forms up there. Sorry, NASA.
The moment you realize your favorite cartoon is based off an amazing movie that you also are in love with XD
Oh, that one. Have you read the books yet?
I have them but I've never read the books, I just love the movie though because of all the singing
Fair enough.
Traditionally, bagpipes were made from the skin of a whole animal, turned inside out, with the pipes attached where the legs and neck would be.
The video game "E.T.", considered to be the worst video game ever made, was made by ONE man in SIX weeks, who never left his office in those six weeks. He even slept under his desk! No joke. Kind of raises the respect bar a bit, doesn't it?
NC going on shutdown in a day or two. Sadly, i still have to work. But my BF us iff work for two weeks.... Lets hope i dont harm him since it will be a long two weeks with him home