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These are my OC Characters so feel free to message about any of them

Tay Sutherland (Vampiress)
Gola Atsilv (Wolf)
Jewel Swanson (Witch or Vampiress)
Jadea Swanson (Witch or Human and is twin to Jewel)
Akasha (Vampiress)
Saige Connor (Human or Witch)
Josilynn Parks (Human)
Nova Galaxy (human)
DeyWulf (Human or Wolf)
Riv'Era Zulimar (Human or Witch)
Meliana Desserex (Shapeshifter Fox)
Scarlett (Human or Vampiress)
Skyler O'Riley (Vampiress)
Heather Dalton (human)
Naomi Silverfang (Shapeshifter Wolf)
Semmy Vangard (Human or Witch)
Sirana Langston (Human)

Jarico O'Riley (Vampire)
Haun (Vampire)
David (Vampire)
Skool (Vampire)
Pyro (Shapeshifter Panther and twin to Hyro)
Hyro (Vampire and twin to Pyro)
Sypher (Human)
Micheal (Shapeshifter Wolf)
Alex (Shape shifter Wolf)
Prowler (Shapeshifter Tiger)
Donovan (Human as far as I know)
Lucius (Shapeshifter Wolf)
Kiazer (Shapeshifter Wolf)
Giovanni (Human)
Sam (human)
Kyle (Human)
Corey (Human)
Hayden Direson (Human or Demon King)
Shade (Demon)
Damian (Demon Lord)
Tobias (Wizard or human)
Joshua Holloway (Human)
Jayson Zulimar (Human or Wizard)
Aug 1, 1988 (Age: 34)




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