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  • Happy New Year everyone! I am back, sort of. This year my plan is to start off doing ONE post or role play each Sunday, especially if it becomes like a ping pong/tennis match and there is a steady back and forth. My hope is that my muse will be stirred up and I can get back into RP like I used to be. If anyone is willing to help me out with my resolution please PM me and we can discuss a thread.
    Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long.
    I know I started working on an angel type thing in Nexus and I do still want to, just, not right now I have too much going on to draw up all the plans for the angel realm.

    Though I would love to do a one on one thread if anyone is interested please PM me.
    Here's some of my characters I'm willing to do a roleplay with.
    I think I am going to have to take a LOA (leave of absence). I barely have time to myself now. I feel like I just barely sit down to do a role play or to work on a project for role play and I am getting back up to get my kiddo more food. Now that I am homeschooling her I think my days are about to get even busier.
    Thank you all for your patience with me as we try to figure out our family's new routines.
    Hi friends. I am around, sort of. My baby girl was admitted to a children's hospital last Monday evening and we just got home this past Wednesday. During her stay we found out she has Crohn's Disease. While we adjust to everything I will be slow to reply/work on the angel realm and dragon realm. But I will do my best.
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    Thank you for doing your best! Take care of your family and yourself though. I pray that everything goes well for you guys.
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    Hi. Everyone. If you are in a role play with me or waiting for me to flesh out a plot, I am sorry for the wait. I am in the process of getting my house tidy so my landlady can do her yearly inspection and hoping the inspection will convince her that we can and will take care of a bigger place next to us and my next profile post will be about us moving. :p
    I love listening to music as I write. Two song stand out for me today as I write a particular post with Treasure.

    Having a rough week. Every time I think I am getting on here to have some fun in posting something comes up. I will try to post today but no promises I am not feeling well.
    Starting tomorrow I will be keeping my nephew all week except Thursday and Sunday so I don't know if I will be on here next week.
    Still in pain today but not near like yesterday. Doctor will call later this morning. Air conditioner screwed up last night, someone coming today to look at it and later today a graduation get together for my son. BUSY DAY!!!
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