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Oct 20, 2017 at 4:21 PM
Oct 11, 2017
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College Student

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    College Student

    Anyway, I'm Okami (well, I am when this username is available for me to use). I've been roleplaying and writing creatively since 2012 and have since created multiple extended universes, detailed backstories for my characters, and a mistake named Caris.

    I'm down for pretty much any genre aside from slice of life (I roleplay to escape reality, I don't want to write in realistic settings as well) and romance (I love a bit of fluff but don't expect me to focus entirely on the romance) aside from that I'm pretty open.

    My favorite genres and crossovers and fandoms, fantasy (high, low, dark, urban, all), and sci-fi.

    I'm a college student with a mercifully light load this semester so I will be online a lot as roleplaying is how I relieve boredom if I'm not reading, gaming, or with friends.

    I have pictures for a lot of my characters, but none of them were made 100% by me. I am terrible with art, I can write a description, but not draw matching eyes. Usually the pictures I use are found online or created via Dollmakers.