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    New User Hoi!

    so what happened 11/11/11
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    New User Hoi!

    oh thats cool
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    New User Hoi!

    thanksgiving? and no, sadly there are no stores around me that sell pocky very often
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    What's Your Favourite Genre of RP?

    i would have to say romance fantasy but ill rp pretty much anything
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    New User Hoi!

    Hoi! All my friends call me Sparky. I wanted to join this server to make new friends. I like pocky and food in general I rp as both male and female. I would say I dislike action rps most but I will still rp pretty much anything and for the preferred rps I would have to say romance/fantasy...
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    Music Share: What's Playing?

    For me the whole album: "The vice quadrant" by Steam Powered Giraffe
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    What do you want to avoid during a RP?

    Theres not really anything that makes me uncomfortable in rps
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    If You Could Have ONE Pokemon, What Would It Be?

    Victini ^-^ but one thats not legendary would be Charizard