• Okay, we're up and running again, but we're still getting a lot of things setup. If anyone notices anything not working, or looking strange, please report it in the help forum where we have a thread setup.

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    Bug Reports Post Site Upgrade

    We've knocked out the first two categories (people and nature). We're starting on foods now, but it's very slow. The first category took over an hour by itself to fix. I'll let you know once we get through everything. We may not fully finish until tomorrow.
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    Bug Reports Post Site Upgrade

    Okay! Figured out how to fix it! It's going to take me a bit, because I need to do them one at a time o_O Not going to bother disabling them after all since I'm going to go ahead and fix them now, and you should start seeing them slowly correcting as I get through the list.
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    Bug Reports Post Site Upgrade

    Okay, just took a quick look, and can see why it's not working for mobile devices, and there's already a built in means of making it compatible for mobile devices, but it'll take some time to setup. Be this definitely should be doable and on our short list. Might not get to it for a few days though.
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    Bug Reports Post Site Upgrade

    Ah. That font feature was an inclusion to an addon we got for a different reason, so we didn't spend much time on giving it full functionality. I'll take a note and we'll see if it'll be possible to get it added to the mobile functions later on for people. Thanks for letting us know :)
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    Welcome back! And just in time too! Big overhaul and we're going to start up a big recruitment...

    Welcome back! And just in time too! Big overhaul and we're going to start up a big recruitment drive to try and liven the place up :)
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    Site Upgrade

    Happy to say that the upgrade went off without a hitch :) We're still working to get all of our old addons and functionality back up and running so you may notice a few features still missing. They'll be coming over the next few hours/days. More theme color varieties will be coming as well...
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    Tomorrow's Maintenance: What to Expect

    Oops. EST. I included that in the main announcement, but forgot to on the header. I'll get the fixed when I get home tonight.
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    Tomorrow's Maintenance: What to Expect

    So, tomorrow's maintenance is going to be quite the overhaul, so I wanted to give people a heads-up about a few things. The look of the overall website is going to change. This is necessary because our current site theme will no longer be supported, so while we encourage people to give...
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    Rules Update

    We have updated the website rules to reflect our change in policy regarding alternate accounts. As of 1/20/20 we will no longer be allowing the use of alternate accounts on the forums. Due to the nature of our approval system, and our focus on community orientation, we feel that it is important...
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    Site Upgrade

    Okay, we have a date/time set! We will be scheduling the site maintenance window for next Wednesday 1/22/20 around 12:00 EST until 5:00 EST. Due to the extensive overhaul we will be doing, there is a chance we may have to extend maintenance later than 5:00 if things take longer than planned, or...
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    Archived Roleplay Threads & Bulletin Board Posts

    As we prepare to overhaul the website next week and work to rebuild our player base, we made the decision to do a one time archiving of any roleplay or roleplay interest-check/advertisement that hasn't had any posts in the past three months. This is purely to clean up the forums as we start...
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    Site Upgrade

    As some may have already noticed, we reached our $300 goal to get the website upgraded to Xenforo 2, which will add a lot of new functionality and features. We're also going to get the server upgraded while we're at it. We will be keeping people posted with this thread as information becomes...
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    Featuring Roleplays Again! Accepting Submissions!

    So Yun Lee has been helping to try and grow our user base a bit, and I figure it was time to freshen the front page of the website up again. I pulled down all the old featured roleplays and am looking to get some fresh new ones up to put up for the remainder of January and through February. To...
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    Pirate Role Play, |looking for 2-5 players| Fantasy Genre.

    Just a heads-up, but do be mindful that straight up ERP isn't permitted on Storytellers Circle. Adult/Mature content is allowed within the scope of the rules though, so keep it tasteful and within reason. I recommend anyone interested in treading this area of roleplay to review our rules before...
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    Open Road Trip

    Eliza was seated at a tiny table inside the camper that was designed to be collapsed and folded out into a small cot to save on space in the cramped quarters. Atop the table where strewn the parts of a disassembled gun that she had been working on cleaning and oiling when Aimee entered. She...