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    There's no exact criteria. It's just on average 5-7 posts or so. More don't hurt. If we're checking new accounts and see five good posts and engaging other users then approval is likely. If we see 10 2-3 word posts and not bothering to reply to people in their own introduction thread, then...
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    New User Hello there.

    @Dashmiel Since when does that stop you from trying to give it to all the new people anyways :emoji_angry: (also hi! Welcome to Storyteller's Circle!)
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    Interest Check We're All Mad Here

    Apologies no one got back to you about this yet. Dash and I are in the middle of moving so not as zippy as usual with things for the moment. I'll get this set up for you tonight if no one's gotten to it by then.
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    New User Welcome to my Intro^^

    Hey there and welcome! If I'm a hundred percent honest I've personally always hated writing introduction threads myself. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I never know what to say in them. That said, rest assured that we don't score people on their introduction threads. We just want to see...
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    New User Newcomer!

    Hey there and welcome :) Just to clarify though, the introduction forum is for introducing yourself as a player/writer rather than as a character. If you could, tell us a little about yourself? Can be anything. How you found us, what you're looking for in a roleplay forum, or even little...
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    OOC Discussion

    Alright, hate to do this but the timing of this roleplay launch coinciding with our apartment situation and needing to break lease early and now move to another state has left me largely unable to give any attention to actually getting things going. Realistically speaking that isn't likely to...
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    Question My Signature Is Squished

    It probably exceeded the max signature height, and thus got resized. To avoid that you would want to resize it yourself ahead of time. The max dimensions are I believe 500px wide and 150px high.
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    If Someone Leaves

    Forgot to answer the last question. Accounts just sit unused, yes. Also if a person wanted to leave permanently, and not receive any further contact from the web forum, they can disable all contact/notification stuff in their user account pages as well.
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    If Someone Leaves

    To clarify upon that, we don't delete accounts even through contacting an admin.
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    Question Epic Roleplays: A Few Questions

    Normally you can only add tags to your own threads. But in your roleplay you can add/remove tags from anyone's threads.
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    Question *watches from outside the discord window*

    You should be able to use the discord now.
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    OOC Discussion

    No worries, that's on me not you. I had to pause things a bit due to some issues going on offline. The situation is still unresolved and looking like it won't be any time soon unfortunately so I'm working to get caught up on posts today and get things moving forward. It'll be more slow and...
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    Into the Ratlands

    Xuan seemed to have things in hand with her line of questioning so Adriaan turned his attentions elsewhere. "See what information you two can get, and don't maul anyone," he added with a lopsided quirky grin in the direction of Meriwa. "I'm going to get a look around the area." Before waiting...
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    Question Epic Roleplays: A Few Questions

    That's more than fine.
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    Question Epic Roleplays: A Few Questions

    Hey there :) Happy to answer your questions. #1) Nah. The requirements are just a framework to smooth the process, not a pass or fail test. If something's missing or we need any additional information we'll just ask rather than reject a request. #2) You can go either way on that one, but if...