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Making Single-Thread Roleplays: Rules & Guidelines

Single-Thread Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

What is a single-thread roleplay? Single-thread roleplays make up the brunt of the roleplays here on Storyteller's Circle. They're as their name implies, roleplays in which they exist within a single thread that all players within the roleplay share. This is one of the most common forms of roleplay and the simplest to set up.

How do I setup a single-thread roleplay? The first step is of course to gather together some players interested in your roleplay. To do so you can post an advertisement in the Bulletin Board. You may also share your bulletin board post with people in our Discord channel, or in the welcome forum if you see any new members you would like to invite to join your roleplay. Keep it personalized though, and don't just spam your link everywhere.

Once you have enough players ready to participate in your roleplay, simply head on over to the Play-by-Post Roleplay Forums and pick a sub-forum genre that best suits your roleplay. From there you can create a thread for your roleplay.

If you need a place to store any out-of-character information for your roleplay, we have an Out-of-Character Roleplay Discussion area and a Character Depository in the General Out-of-Character Forums that you can use.

Are there any rules for single-thread roleplays? Unlike our other types of roleplays, single-thread roleplays don't have any roleplay specific rules they need to adhere to other than the site rules themselves (and any rules that the roleplay owner decides to place over their roleplay). People are free to create these type of roleplays whenever and as often as they like.

For people looking to join a single-thread roleplay, please go through the Bulletin Board to find roleplays accepting new players. Please don't jump directly into a roleplay in the In-Character forums without an invitation to do so.