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Ive been watching Danganronpa and god its a little scarring XD I can't help but get attached too the characters!! All my favourite characters are dead so far T^T The executions are so morbid.
Did'ya know that the Eiffel tower can grow as much as six inches taller over the summer? Then it shrinks back down again for winter slumber. Care to guess why that happens? As a fun side note... your nails also grow faster during the summer, although that one doesn't have a definitive reason why. Wolverine mode, activate!! Oh, wait, no, that would be Lady Deathstrike with the nails.
A nightly jam for you while you do replies!
Oh god my drawing idol, Sabrina Cotugno, who makes the online Jekyll and Hyde comic The Glass Scientists, just replied to my joke reply to one of their tweets. Sadly, they have a very intimidating profile pic. It felt like the drawing was staring into my soul.
Trying to do homework. But I got no motivation to. Any tips or tricks? XD this is really rough.

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