~A Fated Meeting~


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"There will be people hunting you from today forward, CopyKat. Defend yourself at all costs and do not allow yourself to be caught. We will be unable to help you with this matter and cannot say more."
Yes sir, I understand."
They were calling me by my Hero name, must be something big. I sighed as I left the familiar meeting room I always found myself to be in for one reason or another. It was drab and boring, not to mention cold like the monotone voice that always spoke to me from behind the safety of the 'Quirk-proof' walls. I left the building, heading to my dorm while dialing my phone. I could hear everything everyone was saying for a 4-mile radius, which was annoying but helpful. Most people had better things to do than worry about the Villian at the hero school but a few had too much gossip. 'Pfft, here she goes again out of the office.', 'Tch, honestly I don't know why she's even here, not like she's proving anything.', 'Her quirk's too scary to be a hero, I'd be too scared to be near her if she could take my quirk.'. I felt my emotions flare up and my vision get a little lighter as colors began to seem away but I quickly composed myself, I didn't have time to be blind now. I had to prepare

"Alright, we'll be heading the American Hero Academy, seeing as they've invited us to go on their yearly 'quest'. I can't explain the exact details because our information is limited as well. We'll be heading out 3 weeks from now, everyone gets these sighed by your parents in order to go. Make sure to pack your hero suits as well. We'll also be making the trip with the Big 3 and Class 1-B so please don't over-pack."
The classroom suddenly erupted into hustle and bustle. Everyone in 1-A had mixed emotions, generally positive, about going out for the first time since the Expo. Meeting the American hero course students like them, exploring everything, eating American food, it was all too much to be excited for which made Aizawa even more tired. The teacher gazed over his class, as they began to get over excited for the trip which was already getting too much for him but Iida was already ahead of him and immediately began calming everyone back down. Every day before the week would be filled with hustle about the classes going to America with the big three, they were surrounded nearly everyday with others asking them questions and asking for things to be brought back for them.
Three Weeks Later on AHA's side
"Oi, did you hear the news? The kids from the Japanese school UA is coming here for the quest tomorrow. Are you excited?!" "H-Huh?! Oh, err... yeah. Stoked." Lilith would absentmindedly shovel cheese rice into her jaws, much to Jackson's amusement as the ice hero would continuously give her his rice and watch chuckling as her cheeks filled up with food that she'd swallow all at one time. Together with Bea, the three of them would make up American Hero Academy's pride and joy: The top three. They sat in a smaller area separated from the other students, partially isolated aside from other top students from the various courses. "What's the quest this year?" "We're supposed to be protecting the target. Whoever that is." Lilith would drop her spoon of rice mid-shovel, face suddenly growing blank as she looked up, seeming having heard the words of a higher power speaking to her. "You are!?" Her expression brightened as her violet eyes suddenly went Lilac once again, much to her friend's relief. "Yeah, I'm guessing you're the target then." She'd blush, turning her usually pale tan face a regular around her ears. The three would laugh together as the grill in the center of their table sizzled with their meat, they specifically had this table installed due to Lilith's strange obsession with Korean BBQ. The group of friends would then begin to have a fork battle for who got the best pieces, mostly resulting in Jackson stealing them while Lilith and Bea played rock-paper-scissors.
Anyhow while we're here we need a plan for how we're gonna protect Lily. So, any bright ideas fearless leader?" Lilith would nod before pulling them both along with her after they finished their meal, using her quirk to keep anyone else from hearing the delicate details of their plotting.
UA's Side
All Might stepped off the plane in American again after years, a grave expression on his face after the debriefing the teachers got about the quest. It wasn't anything like he'd expected to say the least.
"This young lady is this year's target: Lilith Mauve Lilac. She's 18 years old, class 3-H, and first place among the school in every category. She's confirmed to be All for One's biological daughter and has demonstrated to carry the All for One quirk. We've been monitoring her since age 7, and running simulations for any hostile nature or ties to All for One since age 9. She's shown no signs of being hostile or being aware of her power's origin, or of her father. We'd like UA to partner up with AHA to test her control over her quirk as well as any violent tendencies before i. We've noticed her home is not stable but we cannot let her live on campus without either permission from her parents or proof she is unable to remain in her current home." In simple terms, they were using our students are their own as test runs on her. It was like sending tiger cubs into a 'domesticated' lion's den, you never knew the reaction either side. Not to mention we were also doing the police's job, but they were in a bind and the situation was too delicate to allow the police to get involved in. They needed a discrete undercover force, one that would be least expected in this situation. Young Midoriya was already done changing into his hero costume and was conversating with Iida and Todoroki.
Eh? All Might!" Deku would call out to his teacher, the teacher slowly wandering over. The once Symbol of Peace managed to keep himself composed to not alert the children of the alternate intention of the American government for this trip, after all, they'd been so excited to come to American. Present Mic seemed to be talking with a strange girl around class 3-A's age before the group was suddenly overcome with a loud duo of voices.
Oh yeah! U-A! Gimme a 'PLUS ULTRA'!" The girl said cheerfully, much to Present Mic's approval, causing the entire group to shout subconsciously and startle everyone in the airport. The girl spoke surprisingly good Japanese, which baffled but put many including Iida at ease, she laughed as she put the mic down from her lips while she jogged over. Her hair was pulled up into two large poofs of hair, not to mention she was adored by speakers all over her costume. She'd smile brightly at us before laughing to herself before smirking at the Big Three who were taking the head of UA's group. "So this is UA's best, huh? My partners will be here in a few-" "LOUD SOUND!!" Just as the woman, apparently named 'Loud Sound' was escorting UA from the airport, an ice hero skidded to a stop in front of them, his ice melting away behind him. They seemed to be familiar due to Loud Sound's immediate reaction to him as she sighed shaking her head. "UA, meet Iced-Out, the third best student in AHA. Since he's so frantic I can only assume Lil Lily isn't too far behind. You guys might wanna prepare for this."