Anyone play music by ear?


hey! I’ve been playing piano my entire life without ever learning how to actually read sheet music, but rather by listening to a song and splatting it onto the keys. Is there anyone else like me, without any actual experience but with a lil sense for the music?


Actually I do! I've always had a hard time having the patients and attention to learn the notes and rules of sheet music, and I've never truly learned it nor do I know anything about it. Most my life I've played piano by sound, though I did try guitar for awhile (but I personally hate the sound string instruments). It would probably take me 1-2 days to put a song I liked onto a piano, but most of the time I need a semi-reference. I do like making my own tunes, and without knowing the notes I do know what sounds are where and I can remember what keys to press to make them!