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As the Light Vanishes [1x1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper


    This Rp is between two people who are older than 18. Mature subjects and language are likely to be seen/mentioned here. Nothing is absolute - anything is possible. If you aren't of age, turn back please. Otherwise, read at your own risk. Thank you :)

    Sundown. It was always nice to see them. When coupled with pink and purple clouds, it often looked as if someone splattered a child's drawing into the sky. But for Xavier, he wasn't really too keen on staying outside to watch the sunset. If anything, he could watch it back in his place… That is if he could get there without the risk of getting in trouble on the way.

    While it sounded ridiculous, Xavier often had to be on guard. He seemed to attract some sort of problem in one way or another. It was unnerving and annoying really. And it all started when he came to this town - Warlow was the name, as he had learned when he first got there. At first it was little things - stepping on people's feet when he wasn't looking, or bumping into someone who happened to be just a tad bit more angry at the moment. Xavier kept his distance - and his emotions - from other people. Being relatively new to the town, Xavier didn't want to attract the attention of the locals.

    But of course, he couldn't stay hidden forever.

    As time passed, he found out the hard way that the town was divided into a few sections. The humans weren't a part of these territorial disputes - this was amongst the supernatural folks that lived there. Xavier supposed he should be thankful that Warlow was a bigger city than those in the mountains, but it wasn't as big as the ones in the east side of the country either. He sighed at his conflict of interest - but he didn't feel like leaving anytime soon either.

    In any case, it didn't stop anyone from fighting over barriers and rules. He learned that when he accidentally stepped into a bar that was made by werewolves. Xavier was lucky to have made it out alive - he pissed off about ten different werewolves just by being there. And to top it off, he somehow m insulted the manager of the bar, who also happened to be the leader of the pack. He had to run out of the building and hide for nearly an hour to keep his skin intact.

    Xavier sighed as he walked around the corner. He didn't understand what was happening in this town, but he wanted to stay out of as much of this drama as possible. He just wanted to live his miserable life alone. The young man finally walked down an alleyway all the way to the back, and he met a fence that had the construction diamond on it. He scoffed and climbed the fence, landing into the dirt with a soft grunt. He went to the rundown building that stood before him, and walked towards the first floor with a held breath.

    Come to find out, when Xavier first found this place, the first floor was utterly covered with the nearly suffocating stench of paint. Despite being a couple of years old, the smells still somehow stay strong - which was fine by him, since he didn't have to worry about hiding his own scent in some extravagant way. Being a half-demon, he had a sort of staple scent that clung to him relentlessly: a sort of sickly sweet smell mixed in with the typical scent that a demon possessed. Xavier constantly tried to hide it - there were too many things here that could track him.

    The ladder creaked whenever he climbed it. A few a good amount of steps, the young man finally got to his floor. He walked to his spot on the edge of the semi-opened floor, where he could relax and see the sunset.

    And even after all this time, Xavier had failed to realize that he was sitting in a a territory that was currently being fought over by the creatures of darkness... Vampires.
  2. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Life in this town was… boring to say the least. True there was the idiotic Vampire territory feud but that was just so… mundane. True, he participated in it to a limit but, only because he was a considerably powerful Vampire and it was… part of his role per se. If he had any say all the high-rank Vampire would be dead and he’d rule over everything and one. Then maybe, just maybe he’d be entertained. But probably not.

    Sighing heavily, he pulled his hair back into a simple ponytail with a white band. As he stood in front of a full-length mirror he nodded as he glanced over his black suit. Turning he headed out of his main study, down the long corridors and out of the mansion that was hidden deep within the forest. Right now he was headed out to patrol the town. Apparently, there were quite a few newcomers in town who needed to be… shown the ropes.

    A smirk touched his lips, eye lightening with sadistic happiness. His bi-colored eyes glowed and a completely human glamour fell over him. Cracking his knuckles, he vanished from the front steps of the mansion and appeared in the middle of the road in the town. Time to go hunting.
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    An hour went by before Xavier realized something - he was growing hungry. His stomach growled when he accidentally stared at a couple exiting a restaurant. Damnit. He didn't mean to do that to himself. It wasn't what he wanted, walking around at night, but he knew that he needed to satisfy his needs sooner or later. He looked back at his dwindled stash with a sigh. Two bottles of water and a half eaten sandwich. He took the sandwich and finished it off, then sipped down some of his water before he got back up on his feet. He had to go out - it was now or later on, when he'd be more desparate to find stuff.

    "Wonderful. Going back out again," Xavier growled to himself.

    With a heavy sigh, the young man got up on his feet and went back down to ground level. He cautiously checked his surroundings before he left the vicinity, going back out into the streets once again. He hoped that he'd find a good store worth gathering food from.... Or maybe he could...?

    No! Damnit, he couldn't be hunting at this time. He had to get water, and maybe a couple bags of chips. Xavier sighed as he stuck his hands in his pockets and his head down to the ground, praying that he wouldn't be too noticed.
  4. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    For about an hour the heterochromia found himself prowling the streets like a starving animal. Not for food but for fun. He'd had his fill of human blood a few nights ago, being as strong as he was blood was not needed too often, unless he used his power. His glowing eyes raked the quiet streets, boredom etched within them. What an utter waste of his time. So far no one had come across his path, least no one who put up a good fight... Or any in some cases. Oh, how he loathed those who bowed to him straight away. Where was the fun in that?!

    Sighing, Septhis ran a hand through his silky hair and strode down the streets, deciding to patrol one last tie before calling it a night. Moving along with almost silent steps, the Vampire took in how run down the area was. A pity this was the result of the growing feud. Cane clicking on the pavement, his mismatched eyes suddenly darted to a small figure walking along the opposite side of the street. A cool smirk touched his masked lips and he took a quick glance around, just to make sure they were alone.

    Once satisfied, Sephtis was a blur and then appeared just a few feet in front of the hunched figure. "Well, well, what do we have here? A little prey for a bored predator?" he drawled, his want clean in his tone. Though it was not as easy to tell what he wanted exactly. Moving forward swiftly elegance in his every step, the Vampire's gloved hand darted out and took hold of the chin of the figure whose head was bowed, lifting it. As Death's Eye's took in the appearance of his prey, he hummed. "Aren't you an interesting specimen," he practically purred, fingers holding the chin. However, his grip was loose, giving his prey the opportunity to pull away if they wished.
  5. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    In his thoughts, Xavier somewhat toned out his surroundings. He couldn't help it sometimes, with him stressing a little about how he was to sustain himself without revealing his presence too much. He believed that he savored and desired anonymity more so than most - if not all - of the people here in this nerve-wracking town.

    With his senses temporarily dulled, the young man failed to sense the approaching danger coming from his side. But when he finally did, it was too late. A presence was suddenly before him, and a voice spoke to him before he could react. Xavier lifted his head a little to see a figure before him, sending a twinge of fear up his spine. Damn it... Now what did he step into?

    He backed away as fast as he could, but before he could get anywhere, the man's hand grasped his chin to lift his face. The half-demon couldn't help the gasp that escaped his mouth when he saw the man's face... Or rather the masked face that was before him. The man's words swirled in his head before they finally clicked, and Xavier instinctively narrowed his eyes and shoved the man's hand away from him, despite his growing apprehension. His eye pupils reflexively narrowed for a few moments before automatically returning to normal circles.

    "I-I ain't nobody's prey. Now back off, I'm just trying to walk," Xavier said as he backed a few feet away from the masked stranger.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  6. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Sephtis laughed, sound deep and rich. Dripping his hand to his side, he hummed and titled his head to one side. "You are new to town, aren't you?" he mused, underneath his mask eyes mismatched eyed glowed. This little... thing, was quite entertaining. The vampire's thoughts were all on how he could be so very entertained by this male... Yes, he couldn't just let him go now. Not when Sephtis was finally not bored, now could he?

    Without a word of indication, the vampire took two large strides towards this unfamiliar male- with one arm he reached forward and grasped the small arm and pulled the smaller male to him. Dropping his cane carelessly to the ground, he used that arm and wrapped it around the waist of the small figure. If the bigger male had his way, this new toy was going nowhere anytime soon. "What is your name, hmm?" he drawled, completely at ease as he held his hostage.

    A snapping of a twig reached the masked man's ears and he groaned in mock annoyance. "Come on, Vixen. I am busy," the male vampire growled, his head raised and mask facing towards the shadows where another female vampire stood half within the shadows.
    "Stop being such a pervert, My Lord," the other shot back, with a roll of her eyes. Stepping out fully now, the figure revealed a tall and slim pale skinned woman. She had long red hair and glowing green eyes. "You are needed at the Mansion. Either release that... thing, or bring it with. I don't care either way. Just hurry."

    The woman who dared call him a pervert was the only vampire in all of his territory who could do such a thing. Why? She was an old childhood friend and someone he trusted to not stab him in the back... Most of the time at least. She was also the most powerful female vampire around.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  7. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    "You are new to town, aren't you?"

    Xavier's ears twitched at the man's voice. Should he even answer? Standing before him was someone who gave him bad vibes all the way around, as it was evidenced by the loud hissing noises in the back of his head. Danger. He looked dangerous. Hell, his slow and deep drawl even suggested that he could be dangerous. Something was off about him - Xavier wasn't slow, so the young man was easily able to pick up on the fact that this man wasn't human.

    Suddenly, he strode up to the half-demon and reached out for him. For someone who had faster than average reflexes, Xavier was having a hard time avoiding being grabbed by this man. Before he realized it, he was pressed up against this intimidating man, and all his anxiety shot through the roof. What the hell?!

    Then the man then asked for his name.

    Xavier panted nervously. What was happening?! How did he get in this predicament? All he wanted was to find some food to eat!

    A snap in the darkness made Xavier's head turn to the sound. More people to deal with? Instead of a man's voice though, it as a woman's. But did that make it any better?

    After a brief exchange of words between the man holding him and the strange woman, she finally stepped out of the shadows. The trapped young man gasped softly at her pale frame - this was beginning to ring a few bells. Glowing eyes, pale skin? A shiver crept though his spine. These beings weren't werewolves - they would've torn his skin off his body.

    He hadn't seem many of these particular beings, but that was because he always made a point to stay off the streets during the night.

    But here was no mistaking it.... they were...


    Just saying the word in his head almost made him cry out in fear. Wonderful! Just his luck! He would grab the attention of vampires during this one time he roams the streets at night. Of course! Classic Xavier.

    The woman's words slithered in Xavier's head at the last minute, and he shifted. No. Hell no. A million times no! He snarled and pushed himself out of the male vampire's grip, baring his fangs at the female.

    "Hell no! You're a thing more than I am. I'm not going anywhere! So you just go on back to where you came from," Xavier shouted with an unexpected bout of confidence and assertiveness.
  8. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    The female vampire didn't take being spoken to in such a way nor tone and she darted forward, with every intention of clawing this bastards heart of his chest when suddenly her outreaching hand was halted by a gloved hand gripping it in a deathly tight grip. Eyes widened as they fell upon the raging eyes of Septhis, her leader and the one who could kill her with complete ease. Which from the look in his eyes, he was barely restraining himself from doing then and there.

    "Now Vixen. What do you think you are doing?" Sephtis drawled, voice calm too calm. The grip on her wrist tightened more and more with each passing moment then a sickening snap! A cry. Releasing her with a looking of disdain, he made a shooing motion. "Leave before I decide to kill you," he sneered, as he then forgot her existence and turned towards his prey.

    An icy smile touched the edge of his lips and he bowed mockingly. "I apologize for my companions' rudeness, it shan't happen again," he said, voice smooth. "I like your feistiness." He added almost absently. Then a gurgle of a stomach sounded and he arched an elegant eyebrow. "Hungry? Hmm, that won't do. Come with me and I'll give you any food you like. I also won't keep you hostage. You would be free to leave at any time," Sephtis offered, almost warmly.

    You see, he enjoyed the chase as much as any immortal. But, right now he wanted to make sure this new toy of his was well fed, else the chase wouldn't be as much fun. Not to mention whatever scent this being had, it was utterly intoxicating and he wanted to spend more time with it.
  9. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    All that confidence Xavier somehow gathered vanished as quickly as it appeared when the female vampire lunged at him. He gasped, unable to think on what to do, and stood there in shock. His shock grew larger when another hand grabbed the hand that was about to snatch him up, and he immediately saw the owner's hand to be the male vampire's hand.

    He backed away when his disturbingly calm voice challenged the woman before him, his eyes trained on the wrist being held in his clutches. His horror magnified when he finally heard it snap in a sickening sound, backing away several steps as she was quickly disregarded and told to go away, as if her wrist was not jist broken from someone's sheer power.

    What the hell did he just do?! What was Xavier getting himself tangled with? His gaze broke from the female vampire to the male one when he spoke up again, his smooth and calm voice unnerving the young half-demon's entire being. He had to get away. But not when he was directly in this guy's face.

    To Xavier's horror his body decided to remind him of his hunger, and so his stomach growled rather loudly. Shit. Not cool. He shuddered a little as the vampire before him expressed his.... Concerns. Why was he being so... catering? He was a complete stranger. What was his angle? And what would a vampire have to have to eat besides the infamous substance of choice?

    But.... Xavier was hungry. And he was still around establishments that were known to be overrun with werewolves. But at least he could take into account of their behaviors - he never sees vampires enough to calculate possible reactions. Even so, Xavier had the dreaded feeling that this vampire was something more than just someone who had no qualms in showing who was boss..... As he'd just seen with the female vampire.

    "I.... um...."

    Xavier felt his body slowly lose its sense of calm in the face of this man. What the hell was so dangerous with him, despite the obvious fact that he was a vampire? His clam demeanor just masked the deadliness that he knew this being had. But only barely.

    "I can't.... I-I wouldn't want to impose. Honestly, I would just be -"

    His stomach growled again. Fucking hell, his body was not helping at all. Then, he had a chilling thought. If this man was willing to hurt someone he knew, what would become of him if he insulted him, as someone who he doesn't even know? A complete stranger? The thought terrified him, to the point where his tail almost came out in his fear. He willed his body to not get carried away - at least not yet.

    He gulped a little. He needed to make a desicion - now.

    "I.... I'll come along. But not for too long - you seem to be very.... busy," Xavier said as carefully as possible, so he wouldn't accidentally insult him.
  10. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Vixen was gasping, almost sobbing in pain as she stumbled away from Sephtis cradling her broken arm. Just under the pain rage simmered like a volcano. How dare that thing appear and somehow brainwash her Lord! He would pain, oh would he. Biting back her anger, she vanished within the shadows. She had planning to do.

    Sephtis knew Vixen, he knew she would be beyond pissed at what he'd done- especially in front of this stranger. However, to be frank, he didn't care an ounce. He'd keep an eye on her and make sure if she stepped out of line again he'd end her but for now, he would wait. He saw this development as simply more entertainment for him and more entertainment was worth whatever fuss came along with it.

    Putting that behind, him he patiently allowed the little man in front of him to stammer on. How cute. Smiling cooly, he nodded slightly. "I wouldn't offer if I was truly busy, little one," he drawled, a tinge of warm amusement in his tone.

    Briefly, the vampire bent and retrieved his cane, dusting off any filth that touched the dragon's head. Straightening the vampire stretched some, grunting as he felt his joints pop. Then he brushed his long silky black and white hair back, a band appearing in his fingers before it was used to tie his hair back in a loose low ponytail. The heterochromia male's eyes- one pure white and the other deep blue, seemed to dimly glow as he stepped forward and he gave the male his cane. "Hold that please," he said, softly his eyes gentle, "Ah, please try to not drop it. It has meaning to me."

    With that said, he suddenly shifted and found himself cradling the strange human in his arms, bridal style. Then silently, he darted forward, eyes glowing a bit brighter as he moved as fast as the wind. The trees and buildings around them seemed to blur before them, though much less so for the vampire. Time seemed to pass in an instant and then they stood at the bottom steps of a larger than life mansion. It looked to stretch as far as the eye could see, and at least six floors high. The mansion was old and had vines and flowers crawling all over it, cracks as well. To a human's eyes, it looked like an ancient crumblings building, but to anyone who wasn't human, it had a glow that disputed any notion of this building falling anytime soon.
    "Welcome to my home. I live alone much of the time but, meeting for the vampires are held here every once in a while and two acquaintance's of mine often stay a while," Sephtis informed the male he was carrying. As they swept up the steps, it was obvious that the vampire either did not want to put the male down and just not thinking about the fact that he could walk, as proven earlier.
  11. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    In the corner of his eye, Xavier saw the injured woman slink away into the shadows as was told. The anger in her glowing eyes struck fear into him -- and he had the sinking feeling that he hadn't seen the last of her. Not by a longshot.

    In a flash, his attentions were brought back to the intimidating vampire in front of him. The one that was more of a threat than a source for meals. But, in his mind, he had more of a better chance with this vampire than he did walking through werewolf packs. They'd rip the skin off his body the second they saw him - while with this vampire, even though he couldn't decipher his intentions, his motives were dubious at best... for now at least.

    He'd rather take dubious action over lethal action any day.... Or in this case, night.

    Xavier picked up the tone this vampire was speaking to him in. Like he was vein extra friendly to him. Was he normally this friendly? The stranger took his cane off the ground, with Xavier cringing every time he heard the joints pop, and took a hair band through his hair tie it back.
    Then he was given the cane. Xavier took hold of it, staring blankly as if he as given a live baby.

    He wouldn't dare drop this vampire's cane, even if he didn't ask him to not drop it. It was just asking to be killed, if not beaten within an inch of his life. And probably with his bare hands too.
    Out of nowhere, he was suddenly picked up, like a bride would be. He gasped and tensed his body up, finding this position to be a bit compromising, if not embarassing. What if someone saw?

    Then the world was a blur - the vampire moving so fast, Xavier wasn't sure whether to keep his eyes open, or closed. He opted to keep them open, and after what seemed to be only a few seconds, they were way their destination.

    Xavier swallowed his throat as he was suddenly before a larger than life mansion. Flowers and trees surrounded the mansion, and he realized that they were in the forest. The building was so large, and so amazing. He almost forgot that he was still being held, that was, until the vampire spoke up again.

    "You live here? A-alone? Well, a-at least for the most part?" Xavier asked. It was a million times better than what he was living in. The fact that he was living in an abandoned building doesn't really count, considering that mansions were supposed to be better than normal places.

    "Are your acquaintances.... H-here?" Xavier found himself stuttering, much to his chagrin.
  12. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Sephtis reached the double doors of his home and he glanced down at Xavier with a sour look. "No. They shouldn't be if they are I will need to take care fo them," he muttered, annoyance clear as day or night, in this case. Silently, at the top of the stairs, the vampire put the smaller man down. Then without a moment's hesitation, he pushed the doors open with ease and stepped into the entranceway.

    "There are four levels of this mansion," he began politely, walking forward a few paces, "The first level is underground, which is... well the dungeons. There are over twenty cells that can hold two prisoners at a time. Also on that level are empty rooms where interrogations are held. The second level is the main area where the dining room is, ballrooms and kitchen's- of which we have two of each, and the main study. Oh, and it leads to two gardens as well. The third consists of guest rooms all have their own bathroom too, the library, an instrument room, art room, etc. Lastly, the highest level is where my room is among several other rooms which are under construction. I suggest avoiding going to the fourth floor for your own safety. I'd rather you not fall through the room or out a window," finishing with a faint smirk, Septhis turned to face the male.

    Opening his mouth to ask what this mortal thought, Sephtis suddenly tensed and darted forward retrieving his cane. Turning back around he growled, eyes glowing dangerously. "Who the fuck is here? I told you not to come onto my territory much less into my home, without sending word of your impending arrival!" he snarled, before darting forward to the nearest shadows reaching into them he yanked a pale figure from it.

    Yelping the cloaked figure was raised and thrown none too gently to the other side of the wall. Hitting it with a loud thud, he slid down leaving a large crack int said wall. "Fuck..." the male vampire groaned, reaching up he brushed his hood back, revealing platinum blonde hair and blood-red eyes. Blood dripped down the vampire's forward and his pain faded as a drop fell to his lips and the inhumans' tongue darted out and licked away the drop. "Ah, what a nice taste. Though I must say I'd prefer another's blood far more," he mused, now smiling far too cheerfully for an injured person.
    Sephtis blinked and then cursed lowly, "Of course it is you. Of all the daredevil fools to come waltzing into my home." Striding forward, the vampire lord raised his cane and slammed it into the others head, with a sickening crack. The other vampire fell face-first to the floor with a moan, body twitching as it lay there.
    Kneeling, the Lord of Vampire's grabbed the blonde hair in his fist and raised it so his eyes met blood-red. "You may be someone I can tolerate but that does not give you permission to ever enter without permission. Do this again and not even your masochist side will feel pleasure from the pain I'll inflict upon you," he hissed, eyes glowing and an aura of power radiating around him briefly. Then with a sigh, he released the hair and he stood stepping back as he fixed his clothing.

    The platnium-haired vampire shifted slowly coming to a position on his hands and knees bowing his head deeply, "I apologize for my rude conduct, My Lord. It shan't happen again," he spoke lowly and subserviently. Even he understood that he had crossed a line this time and had no intention of pushing any further.

    Eying his fellow Vampire, he Sephtis finally nodded. "Very well. You've learned your lesson. Get up, Varid," he muttered with a shake of his head. Glancing at Xavier, he motioned to the slowly standing male. "This is Varid. He is my second oldest acquaintance and someone who I trust. Believe or not," he informed the other.
  13. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    The mansion was so large. Xavier blinked slowly as he was carried up the stairs. The sour look the man gave him due to his question made the young half-demon cringe a bit - he must not take kindly to unannounced guests. He could relate - if anybody tried to walk up to his territory he'd have a cow.

    He was so focused on the man before carrying him that he actually forgot that he was indeed being carried -- until the moment that he was let down to stand on his own two feet. It took everything in Xavier to not let out the startled yelp that threatened to exit his throat. He managed to keep it in, and cleared his throat as he walked in the mansion behind the vampire.

    And Xavier listened to him talk about every floor of the house, as if he was a potential buyer while the vampire was a real estate agent that was showing off the house. He'd never been in a mansion before; he'd only seen them in books and movies. And it looked just as regal as he imagined it to be -- of course, it one could just ignore the fact that there were dungeons below his feet.

    While the vampire was speaking, Xavier listened wholeheartedly - he wouldn't dare offend this being after seeing what he'd done to his own comrade not too long ago. But he couldn't help but to softly sniff the air surrounding him - a lot of strange scents filled his nose, and he couldn't make heads or tails of it. The only scent he was able to make out was this vampire's scent.

    He was still looking around a little but after he was finished talking, and had looked back down right when the taller male began to make strides towards him. Fearing that he had ended up insulting him, Xavier tensed up and flinched, only to realize that the cane he had absentmindedly held in his hands was finally taken from him. He turned around just as quickly as the man passed him, wondering why he had sensed such tension from this powerful male vampire.

    Was there an intruder? Should he make a run for it? Xavier tensed his own body, making himself ready to fight, run, or otherwise. He watched as his host vampire snatched another body - who he assumed to be a vampire as well - out of the shadows and throw them across the room. He flinched, fearing that this vampire was going to meet an untimely end. Instead, he was given harsh warnings and beaten by the blunt end of the cane.

    Xavier flinched when the hooded figure revealed his eyes -- and they were blood red. Yeah, this one was a vampire too. He felt a soft hiss exit his mouthq, something he couldn't help but to do. He was only comfortable with the presence of his host vampire, and even then, saying that he was 'comfortable' with him was stretching it.

    The blows that were dealt upon the stranger made Xavier flinch. No he wasn't ignorant to violence, but he tried to keep himself our of its way.... more often than not, he ended up fighting others. And just because he won most of them, that didn't mean he liked doing it. Even so, there were those times where his found himself satisfied with beating someone until they bled.

    However, now was not one of those times.

    Xavier took a couple of steps forward. A part of him wanted to get in between the two vampires, in fear of the punishment going too far, but thankfully, it stopped only with the blow to the head and a harsh warning that he knew wasn't to be taken lightly. The power that he suddenly felt from the main vampire made Xavier shudder. Sensing power like that always made him nervous and jittery - he couldn't put the reasoning into words. All he knew was that he grew immensely uncomfortable.

    The stranger apologized, and thankfully, that was the end of it. He stated as the blood trickled down his forehead, suddenly envisioning him being in that position. Oh, how he always found a way for fuck with his own mind.

    The hooded vampire was introduced as Varid - a strange name, Xavier thought. He tilted his head to the side and bowed slightly - he didn't want to offend any vampire, lest they all get hurt by this vicious leader. No, he didn't care about vampires, but he also didn't want to be any sort of reason to have them hurt. He'd rather them hurt each other for their own insane reasons.

    "Hi," Xavier simply said. He kept his distance, his hands in his pockets, but tensed up for any kind of suspicious behavior.
  14. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Varid blinked and then blinked some more. Well now, the rumors were true after all. How intriguing. Eyes glowing with amusement, he bowed low to his Lord’s new guest. “Greetings. It’s nice to meet you!” the blonde vampire spoke cheerfully. The wound on his head was closed by now and he reached up with his sleeve and wiped away the remaining blood, uncaring to the strain it placed on his light-colored suit.

    Like his leader, he wore a suit, though his was a lighter gray a contrast to the pitch-black that Sephtis wore. Now straightened and taking a moment to fix his ruffled clothing, he was elegant with a playboy air about him. To this day people wondered how these two male vampires could possibly be close. Yet, time and again Varid was called to the vampire leader side to carry out secret assignments.

    A boy with haphazardly cut blonde hair lay on his back, the ground beneath him rocky and stained with blood. Surprisingly for as badly beaten as he was, his breathing wasn’t ragged. Not from exhaustion or pain- though his body felt on fire. The only sign of tiredness was in his dead dark blue gaze.

    “I leave for what… a week? This is what I return to?” a rich voice drawled, laced with dryness.
    Turning his head slowly to the side, his broken gaze fell on a tall intimidating man- no, vampire. Oh. “Been a while…
    the boy greeted wryly. As always the vampire stood in a suit made just for him and looking as inhumanly handsome as ever. Really, it was disgusting.
    An unreal like roll of his eyes, then Leos knelt on one knee. “I’ve told you before, Λοιμός. Keep your head low. No matter how dead you may be when I find you I won’t turn you until you are of age,” voice calm and scolding.

    Very maturely, the boy pouted and turned his head away. Tears stung at his eyes. Not for the first time did he curse his own existence as well as ever meeting the vampire. As he bit his lower lip, he let go a soft gasp as arms wrap around him and lift him with ease.

    “That said. Let’s go clean you up and you may spar with me as a reward for defeating all these pitiful Mortals,” the suit-clad male stated. Ignoring the look of horror growing on the teen’s face.
    “Reward?! How is being beaten to a bloody pulp a reward?! Lemme go, Αγαπητός!!!” the blonde, currently known as Michael but would one day be christened Varid exclaimed.

    End of flashback-

    Blatantly ignoring the Vampire radiating power and warning beside him, Varid beamed at the smaller… wait, what was he? Now this was even more interesting than ever!
    “I do hope that Αγαπητός hasn’t harmed you. If he has I will challenge him to a duel in your honor,” tone light and teasing.

    Arching an eyebrow, Sephtis gripped his cane some. “I’m running out of patience, Λοιμός. Be very careful with your next actions,” he ground out, face a mask of calm. One by one this idiotic vampire pressed his buttons. First invading his home without permission, next daring to hint at flirtation with his guest, and now calling him by that nickname. After so many years one would truly think Varid would grow up, but apparently not.

    Αγαπητός- Beloved
    Λοιμός- Pest
  15. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Xavier hissed softly at himself as Varid greeted himself properly. He narrowed his eyes at the friendly tone and bow one bit; he couldn't help but wonder what Varid would have done if he met Xavier by himself, and not escorted by their powerful leader?. The suit that he wore somewhat intrigued him though - he wondered if every male vampire wore this sort of attire. If so, why? Was the purpose to come off towards others as gentlemen? If so, it didn't fool him. Not one bit. Nonetheless, Xavier had to hold his tongue, in more ways than one.

    Varid then made a small attempt at... What? A joke? A tease? Whatever it was, the vampire next to him wasn't in the least bit amused. His warning increased the nervousness within Xavier, which just distracted him from focusing on the one in front of him. He took a quick glance at the cane in the older man's grip, wary of what would happen. He cleared his throat before facing Varid, averting his eyes slightly as he opened his mouth. "N-no. No need for any dueling. I'm fine, thanks for asking," Xavier said with a huff. What the hell was wrong with these vampires? Did they like being mauled by their leader? Is this something vampires did on a daily basis?

    "I'm just visiting, I suppose. I don't plan on staying too long, so don't get too comfortable with me being here....." the young half-demon paused a little before clearing his throat and hiding his eyes away. "I-I mean, no need to pay attention to me..." God, talking like this was so mentally exhausting. And he was being piss-poor at trying to hide his overall nervousness. Not to say that vampires couldn't sense it, but on the off-chance that it was the case, he was being horrible at hiding it. He just hoped that no other vampire would come in unannounced - if he got too crowded, he'd surely snap off or shape-shift out of pure loss of nerve.

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