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Open Azaroth Boarding School (Discord rp!)


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In this world, there are some people that others tend to avoid, called Divergents. There are Spectrals, people with powers only seen by pure-blooded supernaturals, and the Unbalanced, people who have the mind of a deranged supernatural. They are children of the ones that are not human and those that are, and considered unsafe for society, especially in youth, as their powers and mental states show themselves.
To keep the normal humans safe, if they show signs of trouble, they’re sent to Azaroth Boarding school, where the guardians, teachers and security could be trusted.

Welcome to our school.

hey! Chess here. this is my rp that started from a 1x1 normal human boarding school, where i edited details until it became a school for half-supernaturals!
all of the students will be 19 or under, and be half-supernaturals, and either be Spectrals (have powers) or be Unbalanced (have messed up minds). there wont be any characters with both traits, that would be considered a supernatural, even with the human blood counted in
anyways, if three people show interest in this, ill make the cs and start putting together other threads!

The Discord server is required, for everything OOC
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fluffy, cuddly thing
one more person needed!
we've done a vote, and there's a tie between the rp itself being held on Discord or STC! the next person who joins will be the tiebreaker!
(either way, Discord will be required for OOC)