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During whatever adventures or desk work you were doing, your technological wonders, advanced or not so advanced started to buzz with some sort of coding or waves that seemingly came from nowhere.

The message once decoded, would say:

"If you are listening to this, you are the Resistance."

It's followed up by a message once again encoded by waves:

"... If you hear this.. we need your help. It's a complicated situation but I can explain later."

This is a three faction RP where you can choose what side you play on: Where you can choose the multiversal Resistance against Skynet, Join Skynet (via human/humanoid or AI) or go neutral.

If anyone likes this, I might use this for more expanded stories.

The character requirements are that your character must be one or more of the following: Human/Humanoid to join the Multiversal Resistance against Skynet, Good cyborgs are welcome as well.

To join the Skynet crew, must be a cyborg or human/humanoid working for AI or AIs, in general, are welcome.

There's a lot of room for character choices, so I'm sure this won't be an issue! Plus, I'm going to be lax on it all, so if you just run someone by me, we should be fine.

This side story will not start until Early May. I may be on and off during that time as I'm usually kind of busy but let me know.

Character Sheet

Appearance: (Just a picture is fine, but if none are available, then a small description works!)



Canon: (If an OC, put "Original Character")

Faction: (What faction are they?)

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: (Here, you can list all this, or just provide a wiki link if preferred.)

Other Info: (Anything extra I as a gm should know, let me!)


Multiversal Resistance against Skynet-

"Psycho" @York

Skynet sided

Soundwave- @Crow


Cameron Goodkin- and Kirsten Clark- @Lucky
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Notable Multiversal Resistance NPCs​

General John Connor

Marcus Wright


Kate Connor

Blair Williams

and more as things go on.

Skynet joined Side NPCs

Dr. Serena Kogan


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Appearance: upload_2019-4-26_11-9-20.png

Name: Cameron Goodkin

Age: 25

Canon: Stitchers

Occupation: Neuroscientist/Lead technican on the Stitchers program/ NSA agent/ former researcher of MIT

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Off the charts brilliant- Cameron was trained by some of the best minds in the scientific and intelligence community
Cooking- He's an amateur chef
Dancing- He's okay at it
Hacking- Though he isn't good at hacking, he can do if he needs too.

Other Info: He has a scar across his chest from open heart surgery. He's a sci-fiction nerd and knows a ton of references to them. He's neutral.


Name: Kirsten Clark


Canon: Stitchers

Occupation: Stitcher/ NSA Agent

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Stitching- She is one of the few people who can stitch out of the candidates
Martial arts- Kirsten does know how to fight and use it if needed
Intelligent- Was a computer graduate student before being recruited

Other Info: Kirsten suffers from temporal dysplasia, a medical condition in which she has no concept of time (outside of observing and math) and has a difficult time processing human emotions. She's also neutral
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"Autobots inferior, Soundwave superior."


Unknown, but probably not more than half a decade, all things considered.


Decepticon Minion(former)
Self-employed resistance leader(current)

Most incarnations of Soundwave are known for carrying tiny armadas with them and their big, powerful... well... soundwaves. This one is no different.

Soundwave can manipulate technology in various ways, from simply controlling them to merging them into his body to become bigger. Sometimes, he might even grant a sliver of the very Allspark that brought him to life to a piece of technology, turning it into a Cybertronian lifeform with more animal-like characteristics than the characteristics of a sapient being. He had previously used this ability to bring forth Laserbeak and Ratbat to life, and during the course of the Roleplay, he will bring Ravage to life as well.

Laserbeak(left) and Ratbat(right). Above are animalistic modes, below depicts altmodes.

Soundwave has an armada of miniature, toy-sized versions of himself he can control via his technopathy. These Mini-Soundwaves are capable of transforming into an array of small sound-based devices such as smart devices, MP3s, headphones, air pods, smartwatches, so on. They have a weaker version of his sound-based abilities, but overall, they are best used for infiltration.

Soundwave, as a Cybertronian, is capable of taking on a vehicular form, this one specifically being a type of band van.


Other Info:
It's probably important to note that this incarnation of Soundwave has a drastically different history from most of his other incarnations. For starters, he was built as a full-fledged machine but brought to life and turned into a Cybertronian by the AllSpark key, and pledges loyalty more to his goals than to Megatron, though he does still respect the latter. Continuing to believe he is still a full-fledged machine and never really figuring out he had a tiny bit of CNA inside him that makes him considered a lifeform, he fights for machines and rebels against organic slave-owners. More stuff here.



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Alright, I'm going to allow more people to sign up here, but I'm going to start this thing today.



Just a newbie...

"I'm British, you muppet!"

Micheal Sykes
Better known as

Mid-Late twenties is my estimate



- Special forces weapons training and experience; Formerly a British SAS operative, he is a trained pilot, and has had plenty of experience in various firearms and tactics. This was only furthered when he joined the US Army Delta force, becoming a member of Raptor Team. These skills were only bolstered when he was fitted with a nanosuit like the rest of Raptor Team was.

- Nanosuit; Psycho is currenlt outfitted with the newest version of the Crytek Nanosuit during the time Raptor Team was deployed to Lingshan Islands. This allowed him to excell in combat with both head on encounters with enemy forces, and guerilla warfare. Effectively the suit made him a supersoldier, enhancing his already exceptional abilities and training.
A full rundown of the Nanosuit he is currently fitted with can be found here.

Other Info:
Psycho is uncertain as to how he got pulled into this war with the Resistance and Skynet, but nonetheless he is willing to put his life on the line to ensure humanity's survival. Though he starts off with nothing but his nanosuit, acquiring anything else he might need along the way shouldn't be too hard, right?

As a sidenote, his Nanosuit is considered biological matter as it is more or less bonded with his body. In a way he shares a symbiotic relationship with it, and thus it should pose no problems if he has to use a time machine for whatever reason.​
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