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Character sheets / backstorys


Storm King's Thunder DM
Here you can post all the details about your character. The story begins with giant attacks all across the land. your groups is tasked with investigating the town of Nightstone, that is being terrorized by goblins taking advantage of the recent cloud giant attack. The town is know for its inn and it's innkeeper, who always seems to have a lucrative adventure. and it's conflict with it's wood elf neighbors.
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The answer is Fireball
Aster Exousia

Born unto a human druid father and a wood elf ranger mother Aster was given a name befitting his parents occupations as it means Star's Authority. He was taught from a young age how to read the stars and understand their great value, along with understanding the balance of the world and importance of nature. As a lesson he was taken to a large and filthy city where he found the lights and smoke blotted out the stars eternally and he was disgusted and enraged by such a place. The rest of his childhood was spent communing with the stars and nature, because of which he was granted visions of a distant future where giants tore the world apart. He asked his parents of it and they did their best to remove his concerns, but as he grew older he received a prophesy from the stars and as he went to tell his elders, a giant tore through the forest causing mayhem, which his circle was thankfully able to quell. He then told the elders of his vision and they tasked him to go into the wider world as his prophesy saw and help put an end to such a calamity as his rite of passage. As such he set out and sought out the location he saw in his dream to help try and stop the giant's rampage.


Neutronically Inclined

Background (on character sheet but font size 5 so copied here).
Ophelia, like most half-elves, did not have a very comfortable childhood. Her elven father was interested in improving the human-elf interactions in the local area, which is why he took a human wife: the daughter of the local baron. Before Ophelia's birth, there was actually progress on that front, but after a rather rough childbirth resulting in her mother's death, the baron put all of the blame on Ophelia's father. For years, the uneasiness grew, when a skirmish between the elves and the humans escalated and her father passed also. The rest of the elves, to protect themselves, exiled Ophelia at the age of 7.

Ophelia wound up a street urchin in a human village far from home. She fought every day to get the food she needed to survive until she was taken in by the leader of a group of thieves. The leader, a charasmatic rogue named Julius Vexen, taught her how to survive. As she grew, Julius came to rely on Ophelia's resourcefulness, and they broke off from the group to pull a number of grifts and heists. As they went, she developed the alter-ego Scarlet. Ophelia showed the aptitude for both music and magic, and after she literally berated a mark-gone-wrong to death at the age of 18, the guards nicked Julius for it, who took the fall so she could get away. Ophelia was again on her own.

To avoid the heat, Ophelia again bailed, travelling from town to town, living off of tips earned as a minstrel and what gold she could pilfer. Over the next 5 years, she continued to hone her skills at both grifting and aural spellcasting, which brings us to today. She has put the name Ophelia behind her, and now goes by the name Scarlet Vexen, a full identity she fully fabricated.
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Character sheet (Couldn't figure out how to get it all pretty like Jas did but this is still tidy so whatever)

Cordelia 'Della' Laing
The fourth child in a family of nine, Cordelia more often than not found herself left to her own devices. Too young to be required to take care of her younger siblings but too old to need to be taken care of. Her time not working in the fields was spent exploring around the tower of a reclusive Wizard on the outskirts of town. She often scaled the rough stone and gnarled vine that coated the tower in order to peek through windows to catch a glimpse of the bubbling potions and massive tomes that littered the countertops.

On one of these occasions, Cordelia slipped and fell while attempting to get up higher up the tower, however instead of plummeting she felt herself floating downwards and eventually landing harmlessly. This was the point that she finally met the tower’s resident, an Elven Wizard who was charmed rather than offended by Cordelia’s tenacity.

Faelynn Keldranas, as she later introduced herself, specialized in the enchantment of magical items and artifacts but also had made quite the hobby out of potion-making. She was quick to take Cordelia under her wing and within a matter of months she approached the girl’s parents in order to take her on as a proper apprentice to which they agreed.

Cordelia spent several years as Faelynn’s apprentice, and once she hit her mid teens Faelynn made arrangements for her to travel to a larger city and attend classes to further her knowledge. With limitless possibility ahead of her she very quickly gravitated toward Artifice, able to use what she had learned from Faelynn to give her a leg up on her studies.
Having completed her schooling she began to seek out the more practical aspect of her craft, travelling from city to city in order to learn under people who made a living doing the craft she had learned so much about.

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