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Open Clustered Empires 4/6. Zombie Sci-Fi Nation RP.

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by ChelonianCommander, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

    I see. As long as you will be unable to replace them if they're destroyed that's fine.

    Got it. Then the Potentia gets a thumbs up then.

    I see. So the military needs a stronger chain of command then normal.

    Right-o thank you.

    Still haven't answered the question of the weapons however.
  2. barney_fife

    barney_fife Grand Confessor

    Oh yes, I must have overlooked it.

    The average soldier carries a Disruptor weapon, which is maybe marginally more effective than conventional firearms, good for blowing nice sized holes in the infected. Nothing really upsetting to the balance, but I was referring to a device called a Thalaron weapon, which is fitted on a strategic missile, or deployed as a bomb which attacks organic matter on the molecular level, turning it to an ash like substance. Really no more than a fancy neutron bomb. The downside is, that a Thalaron weapon is a weapon of last resort, because it kills indiscriminately, it can't be deployed in populated areas unless the infected have completely overrun it.

    And then you have your run of the mill nukes, etc. But the average soldier doesn't carry these kinds of weapons.

    I've got a google doc from years of Nation Roleplay that contains the arsenal fielded by Aschen weapons.

    I digress, one or two good center mass shots would probably take down a human based infection form, or at the very least cripple it considerably.
  3. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

    Alrighty then. One or two critical hits to take down at Lvl 1 Infected seems fine.
  4. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    Busy finalizing things now, I'm on a different day/night time frame to everyone else so it always takes a little longer to get things up. Will be posting soon :).
  5. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Don’t need to waste money on your soldiers regenerating if they don’t need to breath! Mwhahaha.
  6. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    Nation Sheet

    Empire Name: Cyanus (From the colour ‘cyan’) is an empire whose surface is 95% water.

    Empire Adjective: Cyanite

    System of Origin: The Spyrl system

    National Symbol: white flag with a blue circle. The circle has short lines exiting out of the northern and southern poles and there is also a blue dot found in the centre of the circle.

    Empire Leader: Ayla Keeda

    Leader Overview: A born psionic, Ayla came to power through the democratic choosing of leaders. In an empire where psionics are revered and respected, her leadership was an obvious choice. Being an Evoker means that Ayla can manipulate the element of water and since the empire’s surface consists mostly of water she was destined for leadership from an early age.

    Succession: Close to death, after the sudden death of a leader or if the leader is no longer capable of ruling successfully and efficiently, nominees are put forth and voted for.

    Government: Each blocks votes for representative which then sit on a council led by the leader.

    Slavery: Slavery is not acceptable within the Cyanus empire.

    Culture: Cyanites have a rich culture strongly influenced by the inspiration of water. As such, they have festivals celebrating the spring tide and shades of blue are common for most things from art to clothing. Clothing is usually simplistic, light-weight(to accommodate for the warm climate.) and almost tribal in appearance. Cities are constructed using concentric circles that are connected by few bridges. Education is important in Cyanus culture, with tutors being found in everything from battle-strategy to art and music. However, there is not a lot of focus on technology and technological advancement.

    Foreign affairs: Foreigners are welcome, but not for long periods of time. Cyanus prefers to deal with it’s people without heavy influence from other empires but will accept and give assistance depending on the situation at hand.

    Religion: There is no religion on Cyanus, however there is a common respect, appreciation and reverence of the ocean.

    Agriculture: Produce is adapted for growth in high saline, watery soils. Most crops are special varieties that have been engineered to grow in water but can still be nutrient poor which is why bright-gel is used to enhance the crops grown.

    Currency: Bartering goods and services as well as flat discs of shell that have a mother-of-pearl iridescence.

    Valued Resources: The ocean and surrounding waters are the cyanites greatest resource. Their existence revolves around the waters they have chosen to habitat by making use of ‘floating cities’.

    Population: 25 billion

    Class Demographic: Cyanites do not experience poverty. Individuals show aptitudes for certain skills from a young age and thus contribute towards the Cyanus economy in that way through that skill.

    Species Demographic: There are no different species in Cyanus (unless they are foreign). However there are four different clans occupying the north, south, east or west of the empire and people from these different clans have different appearances (see species description).

    Species Description: All cyanites are humanoid (i.e.- like a human and therefore mammalian). Cyanites have mesomorphic body shapes but are slightly taller than average humans. Cyanties have darkly tanned skins, hair which is white in colour and blue-green coloured eyes. Every Cyanite is born with blue-white-green tattoos on their skin from head to toe, but the type of tattoo depends on which clan they belong to. The tattoo patterns, location and density differs between individuals of the same clan. All Cyanites wear necklaces with small pendants of Bright crystals.

    Northeners: Patterns are linear and white-green in colour.
    Southeners: Patterns are circular/curved and blue-white in colour.
    Westerners: Patterns are triangular and green-blue in colour.
    Easterners: Patterns are spiral and white in colour

    Psionics: Those born with psychic ability are rare and respected among the Cyanites. They usually are found from a young age and trained using old manuscripts on how to perfect their ability. Considering that mostly bright gel and bright crystals are used, if psionics choose not to lead Cyanus they at least sit on the council for the military or production block where their abilities can be put to good use.

    Cybernetics: Self-modification is not encouraged among Cyanites, however they make heavy use of vehicles that hover for transport since stable roads are difficult to construct on the floating cities. One hover-vehicle can seat up to two people at a time.

    Synthetics: Synthetics are not common in Cyanus. This is because as a nation, Cyanites prefer to not rely on technology for things to get done but rather prefer for Cyanites as a whole to contribute towards the success and thriving nature of the empire.

    Bright: Bright gel is used to enhance crops and bright crystals are used for building cites that can withstand oceanic forces as well as the hover-vehicles.

    Empire Strengths: Co-operation between different clans, strong leadership within the council and general population intelligence and logical thinking.

    Empire Weaknesses: Lack of extremely advanced technology and depending on bright-gel for food to be nutritionally adequate.

    History: Cyanus is a young empire compared to most and was highly affected by the Infection as its culture is reliant on a water-based habitat. Finding a suitable living place was difficult after evacuating and many Cyanites died in the process.

    Military: The military is based on the 'old ways' of warfare. Fighting is not done from separate sides of a field with a no-man's land in between, but rather up close and personal. Cyanites believe that if the need to kill is strong enough, then confrontation must be personal enough that life can be seen to fade from one's eyes. This is only a certainty when weapons are not long-range but rather pre-modern. weapons.

    Army Might: 5 % of population, therefore 1.25 billion soldiers.

    Army Strengths: Cyanites believe in face-to-face combat. Thus, they excel in the use of archaic weapons such as swords, spears and daggers. Owing to their physique they are strong yet quick and because of the habitat they live in they are good at sea-travel. They make use of either hover vehicles or Ghaza (bird-like beings with reptilian features) as cavalry.

    Army Weaknesses: People of Cyanus believe that to kill from afar is cowardly and so have little to no knowledge on how to use guns.

    Navy Might: 9% of military, therefore 112, 500 men. These men are divided into 500 units, with 225 men per unit. These 500 units are divided into the four regions (north, west, east, south) and so each region has 125 units protecting them. With each hover vehicle or Ghaza bird able to carry a maximum of two passengers at a time, military-grade hover vehicles are at a number of 60 per region with the rest of the fleet made up by Ghaza birds. There are only two space ships available per region and each space ship can hold roughly 200 personnel.

    Navy Strengths: Fighting in difficult sea conditions and navigation. For space travel, hover vehicles have been modified and adapted to accommodate large groups of people, but there are very little of these modified ships as only Cyanite council members and the emperor/empress really need to venture out of the empire.

    Navy Weaknesses: Military naval units cannot be too large or too dense because of the dependence on hover-vehicles and Ghaza and they are not good with long-range weaponry. Modified hover vehicles for outer space are generally unadvanced and cannot travel exceptionally quickly although research into improving them is being funded.

    (*This is based off of what I think a modern Atlantean society would be like. After I re-read it again I may scrap the whole thing and start over. Still have lots of tweaking to do and can change things if necessary*)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  7. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    By Navy, he also means Space remember.
    MJK2431 likes this.
  8. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    Right, thanks for that reminder :)
  9. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM


    I would like some more infomration about the 'old ways' and the 'new ways' what they are and how they differ. Cause 'old ways' implies that there is also a 'new way'.

    Bit of a nitpick, but can you say if the Cyanites are mammalian, reptilian, amphibians or such?

    If you don't mind, can you explain to me how Psionics are used within Cyanus and what does the Cyanites think of Synthetics and why are they not common within Cyanus.

    I do ask that you provide with some number of how many warships that the Cyanites have.
  10. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    I've finished the changes. Still not 100% happy with it, but I'm very busy today and will only be able to fix it tonight.
  11. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

    Changes are good. I'm thinking of starting the RP this weekend. Giving people who wish to edit anything time to do so.
  12. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

    I'm going to be making the RP forum tomorrow. If anyone wish to edit or change anything then do so within the next 12 hours.
  13. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

  14. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Ages Eternal GM When Two is One GM

    So.....two days, roughly, without a post.....anyone still want to claim first?
  15. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Shit, sorry, been a bit hectic these past two days. If no one wants it, I can write in a bit.

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